Better and Best. Your AntiCovid insurance for your travels. Don't travel without it anymore!

In we know that traveling safely is now your priority and, without any doubt, it is ours too.

We have worked hard and we present the best cancellation insurance currently available, the Better & Best insurance.

These are its main features:

  • AntiCovid guarantee for cancellation due to illness or health care: if you, someone in your family travelling with you or a direct relative gets sick, both before and during your trip, you are covered.
  • Price monitoring: if the price of your booking drops, we will reduce it directly. The insurance monitors your booking and if it decreases in price you will be refunded.
  • Up to €2000 in cancellation fees. Where you can cancel for many reasons, the Coronavirus disease among them.
  • Up to €300 for lost luggage.
  • Up to €3000 in medical assistance. If you have any health problem at your destination you are guaranteed medical assistance anywhere.

These and other guarantees are available with Better & Best.

At we continue to take care of your trips with all the security and peace of mind you need. Now, by booking your trip including the Better & Best insurance you will get the best guarantee of cancellation against Covid-19, which will protect you before and during your trip. An insurance that will cover both cancellation due to Coronavirus-related issues (in addition to many other causes), such as health care, repatriation, loss of luggage and many other covers worthy of the most complete travel insurance of the moment.

It is the most complete insurance we have found on the market.

Book now and enjoy the holidays you deserve with the peace of mind you need thanks to Better & Best.

Your safety is worth it. You won't travel without it anymore!

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