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Make Reserving Money with your bookings on! It’s so easy. If you’re a Reserving Club member we’ll reward you for your loyalty and you’ll get Reserving Money with the bookings you make. You can use it towards your future holidays, weekend getaways, business trips… Get started!

How does it work?

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    Before you complete your booking, you’ll see how much Reserving Money you’ll add to your Wallet.

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    When you’re back from your trip, your Reserving Money will be available.


  • How do I add Reserving Money to my Wallet?

    Making your bookings on Don’t forget you need to be a Reserving Club member and sign in before you make your bookings.

    Before you complete your booking you’ll always see how much Reserving Money you’ll make with it. You can use this Reserving Money towards future bookings.

  • How can I see my Reserving Money?

    You need to sign in, go to My Wallet and access the Reserving Club dashboard. You’ll be able to see your Reserving Money there.

    You can also see it before completing your booking, if you’ve signed in.

  • How do I use my Reserving Money?

    Before you confirm your booking, choose to pay with your Resering Money.

    Remember to always sign in before starting to look for accommodation on That way your bookings will always be linked to your Wallet and you can enjoy all its advantages.

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