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Make Reserving Money with your bookings on! It’s so easy. If you’re a Reserving Club member we’ll reward you for your loyalty and you’ll get Reserving Money with the bookings you make. You can use it towards your future holidays, weekend getaways, business trips… Get started!

How does it work?

  • Step 1

    Sign up

    Set up you account member or .

  • Step 2


    Before you complete your booking, you’ll see how much Reserving Money you’ll add to your Wallet.

  • Step 3


    When you’re back from your trip, your Reserving Money will be available.


  • How do I add Reserving Money to my Wallet?

    Making your bookings on Don’t forget you need to be a Reserving Club member and sign in before you make your bookings.

    Before you complete your booking you’ll always see how much Reserving Money you’ll make with it. You can use this Reserving Money towards future bookings.

  • How can I see my Reserving Money?

    You need to sign in, go to My Wallet and access the Reserving Club dashboard. You’ll be able to see your Reserving Money there.

    You can also see it before completing your booking, if you’ve signed in.

  • How do I use my Reserving Money?

    Before you confirm your booking, choose to pay with your Resering Money.

    Remember to always sign in before starting to look for accommodation on That way your bookings will always be linked to your Wallet and you can enjoy all its advantages.

Start making Reserving Money with your bookings!

Wallet Terms and Conditions
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Wallet Terms and Conditions

The Wallet is part of a promotion created by and part of the Reserving Club Loyalty Program. Only individuals may participate in this promotion.

In order to become a member of the Loyalty Club the customer accumulates a percentage of their booking in their Wallet from the accomodations which state so, this includes bookings that have been paid for using the Reserving Money Wallet. In order to accumulate money in the wallet you have to be a Reserving Club member and comply with all the conditions relevant to this type of customer. It is only possible to create one account per user. If you are not yet a member, you can set uop your account here (link).

Once you've confirmed your booking you'll see your Reserving Money in your Wallet as pending balance. After you have used your booking, it will be part of your balance and you'll be able to use it towards the payment of future bookings made on

The Wallet will be Topped Up once you have enjoyed your booking and will be made the day after you depart the accommdation, except bookings where direct payment is made to the establishment, where the Top Up to available balance takes place 7 days after leaving the accommodation.

If you cancel a booking, the pending balance associated to it will also be cancelled.

If a booking paid for using the Wallet is cancelled, the amount paid will be subject to the cancellation policy of the said booking.

Reserving money is not applicable to bookings that are made directly to the hotel.

Accumulating Reserving Money is compatible with other promotions, unless otherwise stated in their own terms and conditions.You can use your money available in your Wallet by selecting it when making payment.

You can use your Reserving Money Wallet for accomodation bookings and for accomodation with extra services package bookings. Your balance will expire 1 year after you last accumulated money via a booking.

For your peace of mind we will send you a reminder of the balance and the expiry date on the eve of expiration.You can use both Reserving Money and gift vouchers to pay for the same booking.

The Reserving Money you accumulate for each booking is based on the final price you pay for your booking, after applying all discounts and deducting all gift vouchers. If the final price of the booking changes at some point during the booking process, the Reserving Money you accumulate can also change. may investigate the participation of Club Members in the Wallet promotion to check for fraudulent activity and take measures against it. Amounts in the Wallet obtained through frauulent activities or activities that infringe the current terms and payments for booking made with these monies will be voided abd rendered worthless.

Also, will make the amount accumulated in the Wallet invalid in the event of detecting duplicated accounts of Club Members associated to the same User.

If you make a booking without logging in as a Loyalty Club member you will not accumulate money in the wallet neither at the time of the booking nor thereafter.

Other Legal Aspects:

Loyalty Club Members who benefit from this promotion have accepted the Wallet Terms and Conditions detailed here. reserves the right to deny the user the benefit of participàting in this Promotion if a case of fraud is discovered or the user does not respect the Terms of use or acts in bad faith. The Reserving Money accumulatated in their Wallet up to that date could also be cancelled. may update the Wallets terms and conditions at any time without notice. In case where the conditions are changed, the amendment will be published on the website and will only come into effect after it has been published. Participation in the My Wallet promotion after any amendment of the current terms and conditions will require tha same consent from the user is not responsible for any damages or losses originated from this promotion, except if said damage is due to the negligence of In this case we would take responsibility for the value of the money the client had in their Wallet.