Terms and conditions

  1. Terms and conditions
    1. General information
    2. Application of the Terms and Conditions
    3. Use of the Portals
    4. Responsibility of Different Travel S.L.U.
    5. The User's responsibility
    6. Industrial and Intellectual Property
    7. Terms of provision of services
    8. Conclusion of the contract
    9. Conditions applicable to the Reserving Club
    10.  Wallet terms and conditions.
  2. Data protection
    1. Data protection policy
    2. IP addresses and cookies
    3. Advertising
    4. Google Tag Manager
  3. Safety
    1. Is it really a safe payment method?
    2. What is a secure server or SSL?
  4. Assignment of rights of photographs
  5. Gift Vouchers
  6. Conditions applicable to companies and freelancers
  7. Conditions applicable to tourism intermediaries
  8. Terms and conditions of air transport
    1. Scope of the service
    2. Booking process and contact information
    3. Conclusion of the contract
    4. Passport, visa and health provisions
    5. Charges and payments
    6. Claims/complaints
    7. Rights of users according to eu regulations
    8. Responsibility
    9. Protection of personal data
  9. Applicable law and dispute resolution

1. Terms and conditions

1.1. General information

Different Travel S.L.U. is a travel agency whose main business activity is carried out on the Internet, through its website, and other partner portals (hereinafter, the Portals).

In accordance with Law 34/2002 of 11 July, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce and concordant legislation it is stated that Different Travel S.L.U. has its registered office in Plaza San Lorenzo 2 bajos, 22330 Ainsa (Huesca – Spain). Different Travel S.L.U.'s VAT Registration Number (CIF) is B-22246136 and it is registered in the Commercial Register of Huesca, volume 452, page 113 et seq., page number HU-5938.

Different Travel S.L.U. is licenced as both a travel agent and tour operator by the Autonomous Community of Aragon. Licence no. CAA11-3.

Visit the Contact us section on our website for the different ways to get in touch with Different Travel S.L.U. and our opening hours.

1.2. Application of the Terms and Conditions

By using the Portals, the User fully and unreservedly accepts and adheres to each and every one of these Terms and Conditions. Different Travel S.L.U. may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Therefore, we recommend regularly reviewing them as well as each time a product or service is acquired from the Portals.

Different Travel S.L.U. offers its services through the Portals to end users, as well as to companies, freelancers and tourism intermediaries in accordance with sections 6 and 7 of these Terms and Conditions. The present conditions are subject to Spanish law and the contract with the User is done in English or in other languages that are available and have been selected by the User.

The contracting of products and/or services made available to the User on the Portals is done following the procedures indicated on said Portals.

Some services are subject to special conditions that are presented in each case for the User's knowledge and that complete or, in case of incompatibility, replace what is established in these Terms and Conditions. Additionally, in the case of companies, freelancers and tourism intermediaries the provisions of sections 6 and 7 of these Terms and Conditions will prevail accordingly.

1.3. Use of the Portals

The User states that they are over-age and have legal capacity to acquire the services offered through the Portals.

The User will use the Portals solely and exclusively in good faith and for private use. Commercial use of the Portals by the User is not authorised. If the User is self-employed, a company or a tourism intermediary they should check the specific conditions that apply to them.

The User may not copy, reproduce, transmit or distribute in any way the content of these Portals or the services that may be obtained through them without prior written permission from Different Travel S.L.U. The User agrees not to make negligent, fraudulent or illegal use of the Portals, as well as not to damage Different Travel S.L.U.'s image or infringe their rights or the rights of others.

The User shall refrain from impeding the functioning of the Portals, impersonating other Users or persons, testing for vulnerabilities, making speculative, false or fraudulent requests or purchases, carrying out mass searches and bookings in proportion to the purchases made and, in general, do anything which is contrary to the normal use of the Portals.

The User accepts that Different Travel S.L.U. has the right to deny, at any time and without prior notice, the use and/or access to the Portals, and may cancel their password, account (or any part thereof), if Different Travel S.L.U. considers that the User acted contrary to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

The User agrees not to make bookings for services if he/she is not going to use them.

In the event that the User makes different bookings for the same or overlapping dates ("duplicate or blocked bookings"), Different Travel S.L.U. may charge the User an amount of thirty euros (€30) in case of cancellation of each of the duplicate or blocked bookings, thus limiting the stays that will not be enjoyed.

1.4. Responsibility of Different Travel S.L.U.

Different Travel S.L.U. is not responsible for any damage caused to the User as a result of using the Portals in a way contrary to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or caused by actions of third parties.

Different Travel S.L.U.'s intention is that all the information contained on the Portals is as reliable and updated as possible. However, it may be imprecise, contain typos or any other kind of mistake. Therefore, Different Travel S.L.U. does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information or content of the Portals.

The images of the rooms displayed on our website are an overview of the accommodation. The allocation of the room made by the establishment will not always correspond with the photos published on our website.

Different Travel S.L.U. may, at any time without incurring any liability, vary the content of the Portals and interrupt the supply of all or some of their services.

Within the Portals there may be links to other websites over which Different Travel S.L.U. has no control and, therefore, Different Travel S.L.U. is not responsible for them. Different Travel S.L.U. does not sponsor or guarantee any of these websites.

Different Travel S.L.U. will not be liable to the User for any loss or damage that the User may suffer as a direct or indirect consequence of a supply of products or services that is prevented, hindered, delayed or provided in an inefficient manner, due to force majeure, fortuitous event or coercion, meaning any unforeseeable and exceptional situation or event that is beyond the control of Different Travel S.L. U and prevents it from fulfilling any of its obligations to the User and which is unavoidable despite exercising due diligence, including but not limited to strike, labour conflict, war (whether declared or not) or threat, invasion, riot, terrorist attack or threat, terrorist activities, riots, industrial disputes, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood, snow storm, explosion, storm, subsidence, epidemic, pandemic or endemic, impossibility of using trains, ships, planes, motor transport or other means of transport, public or private, impossibility of using telecommunications systems, breakdowns, transport accidents, etc.

1.5. The User's responsibility

The Portals enable the User to include hotel reviews, blog comments and other content (hereinafter, ‘User Content').

The User Content will be published online, so anyone visiting the Portals will have access to it.

The User is solely responsible for the content posted on the Portals and agrees that such content will not infringe the rights of third parties, will not be against the law, morals or public order and will not include advertising content.

Different Travel S.L.U. does not edit, select, control, guarantee or endorse the User Content. If the User believes that any User Content violates their rights, please contact Different Travel S.L.U. Nevertheless, Different Travel S.L.U. reserves itself the right to modify or remove at any time any User Content, in whole or in part, at its sole discretion.

It is the User's responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of their passwords and ensure the accuracy of the personal information provided, as well as any other information provided related to their business.


To confirm and complete the booking, the User must provide Different Travel S.L.U. with his/her personal details (full name and surname, as they appear on his/her ID card or passport), e-mail address (the User must indicate an e-mail address to which he/she has access because any amendment, cancellation etc. on his/her booking will be sent to that e-mail address) and telephone number.

Different Travel, S.L.U. is not responsible for any errors or misspellings in the email address, phone number, name or surname etc.. It is very important that the user ensures the accuracy of the personal contact details provided to Different Travel, S.L.U..

It is also the responsibility of the user to ensure that he/she can receive our messages, vouchers or similar documents. Different Travel S.L.U. shall not be held responsible if the User does not receive a notification due to circumstances reasonably beyond the control of Different Travel S.L.U., including, without limitation, the following: (i) the User has provided us with an incorrect email address; (ii) the User's email settings do not allow our email to reach the User; or (iii) the User's email settings consider our email to be spam.

When the User makes any request, such as, but not limited to, a query, amendment, cancellation, etc., either through the portal, by email or by telephone (automatic or not), Different Travel, S.L.U. may request one or more of the User's details mentioned above to ensure the User's identity.

1.6. Industrial and Intellectual Property

The user acknowledges that all images, designs, pictures, logos, trademarks, source code, audiovisual material and any other content susceptible of being protected under the applicable legislation on Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (including the sui generis rights of the databases) which they may access by using the Portals are property of Different Travel S.L.U. or of a third party who owns them. The User agrees to use the Portals respecting said rights.

The User's use of the Portals, as well as their contracting services and/or products through them, does not in any way imply that Different Travel S.L.U. transfers their rights regarding Intellectual or Industrial Property to the User.

Different Travel S.L.U. prohibits the use of the service in any way that directly or indirectly entails the contravention of the applicable law relating to Industrial or Intellectual Property. Such actions and their consequences will be the sole responsibility of the User, who will maintain Different Travel S.L.U. unscathed in any case.

The User will continue to have the rights to the User Content that they have created and incorporated to the Portals. However, the User grants Different Travel S.L.U. a free, non-exclusive licence, with the right to grant sublicences worldwide and throughout the duration thereof, for the use, publication and transformation of said User Content in the Portals.

1.7. Conditions for the Provision of Services.

The Portals provide information on accommodation bookings and other services, providing the User with the possibility of making their reservation online.

The descriptions and conditions of the bookings offered by Different Travel S.L.U. at any given time are stated on the Portals. This includes those for services considered package bookings, which will depend in each case on the elements involved in the package in question.

When making a booking on any of the Portals, the User accepts the prevailing conditions at that time. Should you not agree, do not make any booking. A copy of these Terms and Conditions can be printed for future reference.

Prices are displayed on the Portals depending on the search criteria entered (stay, number of people, board basis, etc.), including VAT or other applicable similar taxes.

It is important that the User takes into account the additional binding information shown in the comments during the booking process as some mandatory payment supplements may be informed in the comments.

Local taxes or tourist taxes are included, unless otherwise indicated in the booking remarks, in which case payment must be made directly at the accommodation (amount per person per night fixed by the local administration). All prices must be paid in euros, pounds sterling or US dollars unless direct payment to the accommodation is made in local currency (in which case the price must be paid at the exchange rate in force at the time of payment).

The currency converter available on our websites returns prices according to the time of the consultation and for this reason, the amounts indicated are an approximate reference that may be subject to fluctuations and therefore should not be considered as a definitive price. The User may view the prices in up to 10 different currencies.

The additional charges for currency exchange and / or fees for international transactions that the User's payment provider (such as, but not limited to, the bank that issued the User's card) may apply to our prices, are not managed by Different Travel S.L.U. and therefore exempt from its responsibility.

Except in those cases where it is stated that payment is made to the hotel or to the corresponding service provider, the payment of the services we offer can be made by debit or credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or any other payment method available and mentioned in the purchase process. In the cases of payment by card, the payment is made through our payment services provider. All PayPal transactions are subject to PayPal's Privacy Policy. By choosing to pay with PayPal the User accepts this Privacy Policy. In the cases of payment by bank transfer, it must be made according to the deadlines and conditions set forth during the contracting process. In the cases the payment is made to the hotel or service provider, you may be requested to provide your credit card information, in order to either guarantee the payment or so that an advance payment can be taken, as will be indicated during the contracting process.

In addition, the availability of the above mentioned payment methods may vary depending on the service and/or product selected and the time in advance of the User's purchase/booking.

Prices shown on the website are real-time status and can fluctuate at any moment for many different reasons, such as, by way of example: availability, events, seasonality, exchange rate fluctuations, etc.

It will be understood that the service has been provided, from the moment the User finishes the booking process and receives the confirmation, as explained in the following section. As from that moment, the User will have no right of withdrawal, under the terms established in Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, which approves the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws. Nevertheless, the User may cancel or withdraw the booking. However, in this case the cancellation fees stated in the contracting process, both during the booking process and in the voucher and confirmation email, will apply.

Additionally, the User will forfeit the total amount paid to Different Travel S.L.U. when making the booking, or that has been paid in advance, or a payment will be taken by the hotel or corresponding service provider in those cases in which the User does not show up at the place, date and time agreed for the service to be provided, without having previously cancelled the booking by the established procedure – a no-show.

Different Travel S.L.U. will inform you, where appropriate, of specific cancellation and no-show policies that may apply.

For accommodation bookings, once check-in has taken place, in case of early departure the hotel is entitled to bill 100% of the stay initially booked, exempting Different Travel S.L.U. from any liability.

Some bookings may carry an associated gift or extra service for which a special voucher is needed for presentation as well as the booking (tickets, Lift Passes.....). The cancellation of the booking also implies the cancellation of the gift or extra service associated with it and does not give the right to utilize it.

In the event that the User intends to make a group booking (refers to bookings of more than 9 rooms or more than 18 people, on similar dates and made individually or jointly), it will be necessary to previously contact Different Travel S.L.U. Customer Support to inform of such a circumstance. In case of failure to comply with the obligation of prior information to our Customer Support, Different Travel S.L.U. reserves the right, with prior notice to the User, to cancel the affected reservations.

For group bookings defined above and made by the User without previously informing our Customer Support, the hotel reserves the right, at its discretion, to confirm or reject the places as a covert group. Once confirmed, they may have different specific payment conditions to be detailed by the establishment. In such a case, acceptance of your order is subject to confirmation of the conditions by the hotel concerned.

It is obligatory to always present the voucher for both the accommodation and the extra services, if there are any.

As what we offer is a service, product warranties under consumer regulations are not applicable.


Different Travel S.L.U. may charge a processing fee when the User requires the amendment of any contracted service (hereinafter "Booking Amendment Service"). The aim is to improve the quality of our services, since the processing of bookings involves a cost of resources and technology for Different Travel S.L.U..

The Booking Amendment Service allows the User to request different changes on a booking (dates, holder, number of people, distribution of the booking, change of board basis, etc.) with priority attention from an agent.

The cost of the Booking Amendment Service will be determined and shown to the User when requesting the amendment and must be accepted by the User before payment is made.

Some bookings do not allow automatic changes, which means that it is not possible to amend the contract of the original booking.

When the Booking Amendment Service involves a change to a booking provided by a Third Party, by requesting the amendment, the User also accepts the conditions of that Third Party, as indicated in Section 1.7 above.

The Booking Amendment Service is non-refundable. Once contracted, it cannot be cancelled.

Conditions of the Booking Amendment Service:

  1. The Booking Amendment Service applies to changes made to a booking that involve agent handling.
  2. The Booking Amendment Service includes one amendment request per booking.
  3. The Booking Amendment Service can be purchased automatically online or through the different contact channels (email, telephone, portal, etc.).
  4. The cost of the Booking Amendment Service will always be indicated before contracting it.
  5. If the requested change is not possible, due to limitations imposed by the accommodation or any of the intermediaries involved in the change, or by the non-acceptance by the User of the new conditions associated with the change, the cost of the service will not be refunded.
  6. Different Travel S.L.U. reserves the right to update the conditions of the Booking Amendment Service, as well as the cost of such service at any time, without prior notice.

How our price match works

  1. For us to be able to price match, the User needs to have a booking confirmed on one of our Portals than can still be cancelled/amended free of charge.
  2. Non-refundable bookings are definite, they do not allow any changes or cancellation and, therefore, we cannot price match or apply any further discounts.
  3. The User who has confirmed a booking on one of our Portals has 24 hours* from receiving the confirmation email to inform us they have seen that same booking with the same conditions – same hotel, same kind of room, same meal plan and same cancellation policy – for a lower price on another online travel agency.
  4. In order to prove this, the User will send an email to [email protected] including a screenshot of the booking found for a lower price on another portal or an alternative way of proving so, along with the conditions of that booking, which must be the same as the one made on one of our Portals. Different Travel S.L.U. will check that the booking found is still available, that its price is lower and that the conditions are the same.
  5. In the event of proving our Portal’s price not being the lowest, according to the above conditions, Different Travel S.L.U. will match the price. In the event of the booking conditions being different, Different Travel S.L.U. will offer a more competitive option.
  6. We will not price match in the following situations: if the rate of the booking found with a lower price is wrong; if on the website it does not say the name of the property; if the price offered is subject to special conditions (discounts, members’ prices, loyalty programmes, etc.).
  7. *NB We offer 24 hours to contact us taking into account the frequency with which hotel rates change (both up and down). It is the estimated time we take to updated our prices to improve them.

In those cases when the contracted service receives the consideration of a package booking, the specific legislation (Book IV of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, which approves the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary law) will apply. In such cases, cancellation of the contract on the User's behalf will imply the obligation to pay the cancellation fees specified in the contracting process, as well as a penalty. The amount will depend on how far in advance the cancellation of the trip is communicated:

  1. Between 15 and 10 days before the check-in date, a 5% penalty of the total price will apply.
  2. Between 10 and 3 days before the check-in date, a 15% penalty of the total price will apply.
  3. During the 48 hours prior to the check-in date, a 25% penalty of the total price will apply.

In a package booking, the User may transfer their booking for free to a person who meets all the conditions required thereof. In order to do so, the cession must be communicated in writing to Different Travel S.L.U. at least 15 days prior to the date of the trip. In any case, the assignee must meet the same requirements as the assignor, generally required for package bookings, and both will jointly and severally be liable to Different Travel S.L.U. for the payment of the trip and any additional costs justified by the assignment.

You may direct any questions or address any complaints regarding the services through the contact means of Different Travel S.L.U. provided in these Terms and Conditions.

1.8. Conclusion of the Contract

The information provided in the Portals is not an offer, but an invitation to make a booking. By clicking on ‘Confirm booking’ it is considered that the User has placed an order, has accepted these Terms and Conditions and is obliged to pay the corresponding amount. Different Travel S.L.U. will confirm the services booked and the conditions thereof both on screen and by sending an email to the User (check your spam folder or any similar ones to ensure that you receive it). You will be informed in the same way, if the booking cannot be confirmed or honoured for any reason. In the case of package bookings, said confirmation will include the written contract with the corresponding elements. Should the booking not be confirmed, the period during which the User may demand confirmation will be stated.

The contract will only be considered concluded once this confirmation has been sent.

If the contract is considered not concluded or the booking cannot be not honoured pursuant to the above and the User had already made any payments, Different Travel will reimburse the User fully.

Vouchers or similar documents to be used as part of the booking are sent by email. They can also be accessed from the My Bookings section within the client´s profile on our website

Different Travel S.L.U. will keep, for each transaction, an electronic copy of the conditions applicable to the transaction. However, the User may retain their own copy of the conditions applicable to each transaction.

In the case of package bookings, the User is required to report any breach of contract performance, in writing, to Different Travel S.L.U. and to the provider of the service. The User is also informed that the limitation of actions period for non-execution or poor execution of a package booking contract is two years.

1.9. Conditions applicable to the Reserving Club

    In the event of the User registering or activating their account (hereinafter, 'the Account'), they will become a member of our Reserving Club, which will allow them to:
  1. View exclusive deals while navigating the Portals having logged in to your Account.
  2. Use the One-Click payment system with which you enter your card information just once; this information is then encrypted and available to you when making future bookings, which will make the process quicker.
  3. Receive special personalised deals about Different Travel S.L.U.'s services and products or from their associates in the travel and leisure industry.
  4. Access their panel which contains information on the use of the Portals and Different Travel S.L.U.'s services, including their bookings, bills, options to manage the emails and offers they receive...

To join our Reserving Club, the User will provide the registration information required on the Portals at any given time. To this effect, the User will provide a valid email address trough which they will receive any notification about the Reserving Club.

The User recognises the information provided during the registration process as true, complete and up-to-date. The User is solely responsible for keeping said information updated. The User will not impersonate another person during the registration process.

If the information provided by the User during the registration process is false, incomplete or is not up-to-date, or Different Travel S.L.U. has reasons to suspect so, Different Travel S.L.U. can disable or cancel the Account or access to the Reserving Club.

The User will protect their password, treat it confidentially and not disclose it to anyone. In addition, they will not publish, distribute or divulge their password. The User will never allow other users or third parties to use their password, nor will they use another user's account. The User will inform Different Travel S.L.U. immediately in the case of breach of security or if they suspect there has been a breach of security or in the case of unauthorised use of their Account.

If Different Travel S.L.U. has reasons to suspect that the Account is being used by an unauthorised third party, Different Travel S.L.U. can cancel the Account or disable access to the Reserving Club.

The User is responsible for the use of the Account, undertaking to indemnify and hold Different Travel S.L.U. unscathed regarding any harm, costs, damage, complaints, claims or any other action Different Travel may face as a consequence of or in regard to the User's use of the Account.

1.10 Wallet terms and conditions

The Wallet is part of a promotion created by Reserving.com and part of the Reserving Club Loyalty Program. Only individuals may participàte in this Promotion. Only individuals may participate in this Promotion.

In order to become a member of the Loyalty Club the customer accumulates a percentage of their booking in their Wallet from the accomodations which state so, this includes bookings that have been paid for using the Reserving Money Wallet.

In order to accumulate money in the wallet you have to be a Reserving Club member and comply with all the conditions applicable to this type of customer. Only one account may be created per user. If you are not yet a member, you can set up your account here link).

Once you've confirmed your booking you'll see your Reserving Money in your Wallet as pending balance. After you have used your booking, it will be part of your balance and you'll be able to use it towards the payment of future bookings made on Reserving.com.

The Wallet Top Up will be made after you have enjoyed your stay, where the Top Up will be made as available balance 70 days after the date of departure.

If you cancel a booking with money accumulated in the Walllet, the pending balance associated to it will also be cancelled.

If a booking paid for using the Wallet is cancelled it will be subject to the cancellation policy conditions of the said booking.

If the user does not show up at the accommodation on the scheduled arrival date ("no-show"), the balance of the Reserving Wallet accumulated with this booking will be automatically cancelled.

The balance of the Reserving Wallet cannot be used for bookings payable directly to the accommodation, nor for third party service offers.

Accumulating Reserving Money is compatible with other promotions, unless otherwise stated in their own terms and conditions.

You can use your money available in your Wallet by selecting it when making payment.

You can use your Reserving Money Wallet for accomodation bookings and for accomodation with extra services package bookings

Your balance will expire 1 year after you last accumulated money via a booking.

For your peace of mind we will send you a reminder of the balance and the expiry date on the eve of expiration. You can use both Reserving Money and gift vouchers to pay for the same booking.

The Reserving Money you accumulate for each booking is based on the final price you pay for your booking, after applying all discounts and deducting all gift vouchers. If the final price of the booking changes at some point during the booking process, the Reserving Money you accumulate can also change.

Diffferent Travel, S.L.U. may investigate the User’s participation in the Promotion in relation to the Wallet in order to check for any fraudulent activity and take measures against it. Monies in the Wallet obtained through fraudulent activites that violate the current terms and payments made for bookings with these monies will be voided and made worthless.

Likewise Different Travel, S.L.U. will invalidate accumulated amounts in the Wallet in the event of detecting Loyalty Club membership duplication associated to the same User.

If you make a booking without loogging in as a Loyalty Club member you will not accumulate money in the wallet neither at the time of the booking nor thereafter.

Different Travel S.L.U reserves the right to deny the user the benefit of participàting in this Promotion if a case of fraud is discovered or the user does not respect the Terms of use or acts in bad faith. The Reserving Money in their Wallet could also be cancelled.

Different Travel S.L.U. is not responsible for any damages or losses originated from this promotion, except if said damage is due to the negligence of Reserving.com. In this case we would take responsibility for the value of the money the client had in their Wallet.

The User can change the currency of their Wallet, in the knowledge that each time a currency change is made, the corresponding conversion rate will be apllied and a variable percentage will be discounted according to the currency, meaning the accumulated balance of the Wallet will be automatically reduced with each conversion that occurs.

The change of currency is applied straight away when paying for a booking with your Wallet, therefore affecting the new balance that this generates and the previous existing balance, which will become available once converted to the new referenced currency

2. Data protection

2.1 Data protection policy

In compliance with current data protection legislation, the user is hereby notified that his/her personal data will be processed by Different Travel S.L.U. through our website or his/her contact with us, whether via email, telephone or any other form of contact, as applicable, in the following cases:

Event in which the User provides his/her data What Travel S.L.U. uses the data for Types of data used
Users who wish to make a booking or use one of our services In order to provide a requested service, for tax, financial and accounting management, for development, to maintain and improve the contractual relationship, in order to prevent the occurrence of fraud, to send information on the contracted service, and, as long as the user remains a customer and does not inform us of the contrary, to communicate any new information related to the service provided. Identification, contact information, financial details for payment purposes and trip information.
User that makes an enquiry or request. To attend to, manage and respond to an enquiry or application, and for customer service. Contact Information
User who subscribes to newsletters, news bulletins or regular publications. To send commercial information regarding news and services provided by Different Travel S.L.U. Contact Information
Registered user or Star Customer To provide services derived from membership in the Star Customers Club, to manage this relationship and to offer commercial information and exclusive offers on services provided by Different Travel S.L.U. Contact and Booking information
Users submitting job applications To manage the recruitment process of Different Travel S.L.U. or businesses associated with Different Travel S.L.U. Identification, contact details, education and/or training information and employment information.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that telephone conversations may be recorded and saved by Different Travel S.L.U. to assure a quality service and to manage the corresponding request or contract.

The legal basis for processing personal data, as outlined in the above cases, is the execution of the contractual agreement or corresponding pre-contractual agreement, the consent provided by the data subject or the legitimate interest of Different Travel S.L.U. in offering its current customers updates and information regarding news and offers on the services provided.

If, in accordance with the above, personal information is used to send commercial or promotional information, you can register your opposition to the reception of this information at any time.

Your personal data will not be shared with private or public third parties, unless this is required by current regulations or is necessary to fulfil or comply with a service request. (for example, when we have to provide your personal information to the establishment or service provider where the booking has been made to ensure it) or in the cases indicated below.

When the User has contracted a booking offered by a Third Party through the Portals, his/her personal data will be communicated to the Third Party, which will process them for the purpose of providing the services contracted by the User under its own contracting policies.

In order to offer you Klarna’s payment methods, we might in the checkout pass your personal data in the form of contact and order details to Klarna, in order for Klarna to assess whether you qualify for their payment methods and to tailor those payment methods for you. Your personal data transferred is processed in line with Klarna’s own privacy notice.

Please note that some of the third parties listed in the above two paragraphs may be located in countries outside the European Economic Area that do not have data protection laws equivalent to those in your country. However, we provide appropriate safeguards to ensure that your personal information is protected at all times in accordance with applicable laws. You can obtain a copy of the appropriate safeguards applicable in each case.

The data you provide us will be kept as long as you maintain your relationship with Different Travel S.L.U.; this is for as long as you can be considered an active customer of Different Travel S.L.U. by expressing an intent to purchase services from the company again; or during the period of time necessary to meet any relevant legal obligations.

Your rights to access, rectification, suppression, cancellation, opposition and portability regarding the processing of your data can be exercised through the Data Controller at No. 10, Calle Ramón y Cajal 22330, Ainsa, Huesca and by emailing [email protected], indicating the precise content of the right being exercised. You must also include information or documentation that allows you to be identified unequivocally. Likewise, when the processing of your data is justified by your consent, you can withdraw this consent at any time through the formal channels listed above. You have the right to assume the protection of the Spanish Data Protection Agency through its website: www.agpd.es.

2.2. IP addresses and cookies

Different Travel S.L.U. informs the User that when accessing our Portals' server and its associated Portals, an IP number will be assigned to them and it will register, besides their access to the server, the websites they visit. The IP address with this data will be stored in a log file that will be handled by Different Travel S.L.U. for the purpose of determining the number of pages viewed and to compile statistics. Different Travel S.L.U. does not link IP addresses to identifiable individuals.

The Portals use cookies to facilitate and customise browsing for the User. A 'cookie' is a piece of data that is sent to the User's computer when they access the Portals. Most browsers allow the User to disable receiving cookies.

Different Travel S.L.U. may use cookies for advertising purposes. Different Travel S.L.U. does not associate navigation data with individuals who have not previously identified themselves.

More info on the use of cookies clicking on https://reserving.com/cookies.

2.3. Advertising

In order to show the User personalised and useful ads when using Google services (Search, Gmail and YouTube), Different Travel S.L.U. uses Google Customer Match which is a tool that allows us to show the User more accurate results.

The User can turn off the Customer Match option at any time in their Google settings, from the ‘Turn off Ads Personalization’ option in the ‘Ads Settings’ section which you can access clicking here.

The User can find information about the Google Privacy Policy here.

2.4. Google Tag Manager

Our website uses Google Tag Manager, a system to manage web pages tags through a user interface. Tag Manager activates other web analytics and advertising management tags but does not access the data that can be sent to such applications, whether personal or browsing data. The User can find information on the Google Tag Manager Privacy Policy here.

3. Safety

3.1 Is it really a safe payment method?

Different Travel S.L.U.'s system has one of the safest technologies in terms of credit card data protection, meeting all international standards and legislation on the matter.

The SSL system, used by Different Travel S.L.U., encrypts all data making it indecipherable to anyone external, in such a way that payment through the Internet is now as safe as buying directly.

In addition, we comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

3.2. What is a secure server or SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and it's the standard security technology used on the Internet. It uses an encryption system to provide maximum confidentiality of the data it transmits. The encryption consists in encoding data to prevent unlawful entry into a system or data interception while it circulates on the net. This way its data is encrypted at its origin and deciphered at its destination, which means Different Travel S.L.U. only has access to the data in the Different Travel S.L.U. system. For further safety, this data will be stored in a secure server protected by a firewall which provides continuous vigilance against any attempt of intrusion.

Hosting with a secure connection is an important need for any e-commerce site where visitors will provide sensitive data such as bank accounts or credit cards. The User must know that their data cannot be read by anyone except the intended recipient and also that the latter is who they claim to be and it is a real company.

SSL is a protocol that enables a secure and reliable connection between two computers. Using a mixed public and private key encryption, SSL has a high level of security which makes it virtually impossible to be deciphered by other computers alien to those participating in the connection.

The HTTPS protocol arises from applying SSL to web hosting, which works similarly to HTTP (traditional hosting), but through a secure client/server connection.

HTTPS also incorporates a new feature which is the possibility of installing a Secure Certificate that authenticates the identity of the site that has it. Thus, when a User visits a secure site they can click on the secure connection icon of their browser and learn the identity of the visited site, with the assurance that there is a certification body that has verified all the data displayed and awarded a certificate for a limited time. Although it is not necessary to have a certificate issued by a certification body, it is recommended in order to confirm the veracity of the security on the Portal.

Different Travel S.L.U. has this certificate in its transactions issued and certified by DigiCert and/or Cloudflare as a measure to ensure maximum security.

4. Assignment of rights of photographs

Should I send any photographs (hereinafter, 'the Photograph') through the form provided for that purpose in any of the Portals, I authorise Different Travel S.L.U. to use, transmit, reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate and transform the Photograph.

For clarification purposes and in a merely expository manner, this authorisation entitles Different Travel S.L.U. to publish the Photograph in the Portals and any other means of communication, electronic or otherwise, whether it is of their ownership or belonging to a third party, including blogs and social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+), sales brochures, catalogues and advertisements, as well as to perform the following actions:

  • Edit the Photograph in any way considered appropriate, including photo retouching, changing colours and text insertion or deletion of elements of the photograph.
  • Publish only parts of the Photographs.
  • Not use or stop using the Photograph, at their discretion and for any reason.
  • Publish the original or transformed Photograph, along with other photographs of the same or another author.

Given the global nature of the cited electronic media, this authorisation has a global geographical scope.

This authorisation is granted for the maximum duration period of intellectual property rights, as established in the applicable law and it is irrevocable.

This authorisation is granted free of charge, therefore, I am not entitled to demand any payment for it. Different Travel S.L.U. may use my name or my username to inform of the authorship of the Photograph, at their sole discretion.

Additionally, I declare the following regarding the Photograph, undertaking to indemnify and hold Different Travel S.L.U. unscathed otherwise:

  • I declare having personally taken the Photograph and I am the owner of the necessary rights to grant this authorisation.
  • Should images of people appear in the Photograph, I declare having said people's prior and explicit consent for its use by Different Travel S.L.U. under these provisions.
  • The Photograph is real and truthful and its content is lawful. Its use or being published by Different Travel S.L.U., in accordance with the terms set forth herein, do not infringe any third party rights or any applicable law.
  • The Photograph file contains no viruses or any element that could affect the safety or performance of communication networks, IT equipment or terminals.

5. Gift Vouchers

The procedure to redeem a Gift Voucher is

  • The User must go to the Portal.
  • The User must select the booking they are interested in once they know their destination and travel dates.
  • After clicking on 'book' for the chosen service, you will have to fill in the purchase form with your personal information and a payment type.
  • In payment type, the User must select the option 'Gift voucher', enter the voucher's code and click on 'Apply discount' to recalculate the price of the booking.
  • After reviewing the information provided and the correct amount click on 'Confirm booking'.

If the credit on the Gift Voucher is more than the price of the selected booking, the difference will remain as available credit on this Gift Voucher for future bookings.

If the credit on the Gift Voucher is less than the price of the selected booking, you'll have to pay the difference with another payment method, depending on the conditions of the booking.

The Gift Voucher does not have an expiry date. However, if 18 months pass and the Gift Voucher has not been used, the holder must send an email to [email protected] with the Voucher's code, stating they wish to renew it. If 2 years pass and the Gift Voucher has not been used and we have not received any type of communication about it, the Gift Voucher will be cancelled.

The Gift Voucher cannot be used for bookings payable directly to the accommodation, nor for third party service offers.

A Gift Voucher cannot be redeemed for its value in cash. It is not possible to cancel a Gift Voucher. Bookings paid for by redeeming a Gift Voucher may be cancelled or amended according to the general conditions set during the booking process.

Gift Vouchers which are part of special promotions (e.g. as a gift when booking a hotel) have their own conditions and particularly their own expiry date which should be checked for each promotion.

6. Conditions applicable to companies and freelancers

The User's registration as a company or as a freelancer and their contracting products and services from Different Travel S.L.U. imply express acceptance and total and unreserved adhesion to each and every one of these Conditions applicable to companies and self-employed people.

The User can view the advantages of registering as a company or freelancer at /companies

The prices shown on the website are final prices, depending on the search criteria used (stay, number of guests, board type, etc.), taking into account the discounts applicable to each company or self-employed professional and, if applicable, to tourist intermediaries. Such discounts will be available within 48 hours after the User has registered as a company or self-employed professional. All prices must be paid in Euros.

These discounts will be available within the 48 hours after the User has registered as a company or as a freelancer. All prices must be paid in Euros.

The User will use the Portals solely in good faith and for their use in the field of their business or profession. Reselling the services offered through the Portals to third parties is not authorised, except for those Users registered as a tourism intermediary, where what is established in section 7 of these Terms and Conditions will govern.

The User declares that they represent their company to acquire the services offered through the Portals.

As what is described is a contracting between entrepreneurs or professionals, the limitations established for the protection of consumers and users are not applicable.

Different Travel S.L.U. does not guarantee that the services will be uninterrupted, secure, temporary, error-free, accurate, dependable, of a certain quality or reliability, that any error will be corrected, or its accuracy or morality.

The User recognises and accepts that it is their sole responsibility to verify the functionality of the services prior to contracting them, along with their suitability to meet their needs.


It is the User's responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of their passwords and ensure the accuracy of the personal and company information provided.

The email address with which you can contact Different Travel S.L.U. is [email protected]. You can also contact Different Travel S.L.U. by phone on +44 (0) 203 627 9781, Monday to Friday from 9am to 6 pm.

The parties, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, are subject to the ruling of the Courts of Boltaña (Huesca – Spain) to solve any disputes arisen.

7. Conditions applicable to tourism intermediaries

This section is applicable to all Users that are considered tourism intermediaries (including without limitation travel agents and tour operators) who must identify themselves as such during the registration process and it applies to Users who purchase hotel rooms from the Portals for reselling them to the tourism intermediaries' clients.

The remainder of the terms and conditions, and in particular section 6 above, shall apply to tourism intermediaries in all that is not expressly modified by this section 7.

The tourism intermediaries state and guarantee to Different Travel S.L.U. that they are in possession of the necessary authorisations under the provisions of the applicable law for the development of their business and that they comply with all the laws and requirements and obligations that are applicable to the activities performed. Different Travel S.L.U. may at its discretion and at any time request the accreditation of these requirements to any user registered as a tourism intermediary as a condition for the registration or to maintain it.

The tourism intermediary will acquire hotel rooms or bedspaces from Different Travel S.L.U. at the price shown at any given time on the Portals and under the conditions laid down therein, with the discounts that, if any, could be of application. The tourism intermediary is free to set the resale price and any other conditions for their clients, provided that they comply with the applicable regulations. The tourism intermediary is solely responsible for their clients regarding the sale of the hotel rooms or bedspaces they acquired from Different Travel S.L.U. The tourism intermediary agrees to maintain Different Travel S.L.U. unscathed and unaccountable for any claim that may be made by any of their clients against Different Travel S.L.U. regarding a sale by the tourism intermediary.

8. Terms and conditions of air transport

8.1. Scope of the service

8.1.1. Mediation of travel services

For flight services and other services of external providers offered in the Portals, we act exclusively as intermediaries.

The ticket is subject to the conditions of the airline's contract of carriage and to the national and international regulations that govern it, establishing limitations of liability with respect to the airline.

Different Travel S.L.U. acts as an intermediary between the carrier and the user, so it assumes no responsibility for the breach or defective performance of the transport contract. Neither do we assume any responsibility for the travel services provided by the service providers and we make no representation or warranty (either explicit or implicit) regarding the suitability or quality of the travel services. For any claims you may have in relation to the provision or non provision of the travel service, the service provider is the responsible recipient.

If you have the possibility to make special requests (such as special meals, services for the disabled or child seats) when booking travel services, we will forward your request to the relevant service provider. However, Different Travel S.L.U. assumes no responsibility as to whether the service provider can actually fulfill such requests.

Consequently, the agreement for the actual provision of the travel services (e.g. contract of carriage, insurance contract) will come into force directly between the User and the corresponding service provider. Different Travel S.L.U. is not a co-provider of the travel services nor part of the contractual relationship between the User and the service provider.

By using the Portals to purchase travel services, the User authorizes Different Travel S.L.U. to mediate with the corresponding service provider(s) on their behalf, including the mediation of the payment of such travel services, in order to ensure that the transaction between the User and the service provider(s) takes place.

The ticket is personal and non-transferable. The airfares displayed on the Portals are subject to the conditions set out by the airline and, unless otherwise indicated, do not allow changes or cancellations.

8.1.2. General

The conditions, in general terms, applicable by most service providers will be communicated during the course of the reservation. Such conditions may include provisions relating to liability, cancellation, rebooking and refunds (if any) and other restrictions, so it is recommended that the User reads them carefully.

For flight reservations made more than 9 months in advance, the User should be aware that there is a possibility of variation in the time or date of operation of the flights.

Some airlines may deny boarding in the event that the User wishes to use the return leg of a return ticket without having used the outward leg.

8.2. Booking process and contact information

To confirm the reservation, the user must provide Different Travel S.L.U. with their personal data (full name, as it appears on your ID card or passport), email (the user must indicate an email address to which you have access because any changes, cancellations etc. on your reservation will be sent to that address) and phone number.

It is very important to write the names and surnames as they appear on the ID card or passport. Any modification or cancellation could mean a penalty of up to 100% of the amount by the airline company. The user may not use diminutives or nicknames because if you use them you may have problems when boarding with the airline, the passport or ID card will be the supporting document that will be requested, Different Travel S.L.U. is not responsible for the inclusion of incorrect data.

Some airlines limit the number of characters that the full name of their passengers can have when making a reservation, as a general rule, the limit is 16 characters. If the passenger's name as it appears in their documentation (ID card or passport) exceeds the limitation of characters of the airline, the user must contact Different Travel S.L.U.

During the booking process, the User will be asked to check the accuracy of all data before concluding the booking request. Subsequent change requests could involve significant additional costs.

It will also be the responsibility of the User to ensure that they can receive our messages. Different Travel S.L.U. will not be responsible if the User does not receive a notification due to circumstances reasonably beyond the control of Different Travel S.L.U., including, without limitation, the following: (i) you have provided us with an incorrect email address; (ii) your email settings do not allow our mail to reach you; or (iii) your email settings treat our message as spam.

8.3. Conclusion of the contract

8.3.1. Conclusion of the contract and price changes

After the User sends his reservation request, we will confirm that his reservation request is in process via email. This is the moment when the mediation between the User and Different Travel S.L.U. takes place.

Subsequently, the User will receive a reservation confirmation of his/her flight with the airline company, at the time when the binding contract between the User and the corresponding airline company(ies) is produced.

If the User does not receive this confirmation within 24 hours after making the reservation request and no operator contacts the User by email or telephone to indicate a problem, the User should contact Different Travel S.L.U., during business hours from Monday to Friday from 9am to 18pm, for verification.

The prices of the flight are inserted directly by the corresponding service provider. In case of price changes by the airline company after the reservation request has been sent but before the contract with the airline company becomes binding, the contract will not come into force and the payment will be completely returned to you. Different Travel S.L.U. may contact the User and offer him/her the option to accept the modified price during the business hours indicated above, but no later than 24 hours after we know of the price change or the first business day following that 24-hour period.

8.3.2. Information about booking and transport conditions

Before concluding the reservation, the User must consult the applicable terms and conditions of the corresponding airline.

Then, through a general description, the User will be informed about the conditions related to the reservation and the transport normally applied by the airlines in such a way or at least in a similar way. However, any provision other than the relevant air carrier shall prevail over the general information provided in this section.

a. Flight schedules/billing/settlement

As a general rule, flight reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the time of departure of the flight. Otherwise, the airline may deny boarding.

All flight times are specified in local time. Arrivals on the following day are indicated by '+1' in the timetable. The flight times indicated are preliminary and subject to change at short notice after the ticket is issued, for example, due to flight control restrictions, time or the airline's functional restrictions. You should keep yourself informed of the current schedule well in advance of your flight.

The User must confirm with the airline company the time in which he/she must appear at the airport to make the boarding arrangements for his/her flights. In most cases, online check-in is allowed through the airline's website. If this is not the case or if the user has to check in, he/she must go to the check-in desk to obtain the boarding card with the minimum notice required by the airline.

In order to save costs, it is recommended that you take the boarding card printed out or, in mobile format if the company and the airport accept it, specifically, for which you should inform the company itself.

Baggage may be subject to payment and weight and volume limitations.

If there is a previous seat reservation, this can be changed unilaterally by the airline.

On international flights to certain destinations, the airlines require more advance notice than usual (generally two hours in advance on national flights and three hours on international flights).

b. Reservations made with an airline other than the one operating the flight

Reservations made with an airline other than the one operating the flight may not include additional services such as unaccompanied minors, transport of skis, pets, etc. In this case, the User should consult the possibility of contracting these services directly with the airline company before the purchase of the ticket, as it may subsequently be non-refundable. Some of these services may not be available even with flights operated by the airline itself.

c. Multi-segment tickets/orders

According to the conditions of most airlines, flight segments must be used in sequence. Otherwise, many airlines will refuse carriage on subsequent flight segments (for example, not using one segment of a trip could invalidate the rest of the ticket). On return trips, a no-show on your outbound trip could cause the airline to cancel your return trip.

d. Pregnancy

Some airlines refuse to carry women who are more than 28 weeks pregnant at the time of their outward or return flight. If you are pregnant, you should clarify with the airline and your doctor whether or not you can make the trip.

e. Tickets for babies and children

The User must contact the airline to find out the conditions for travelling with a child who does not have a separate seat. Normally, children over 2 years old must have a separate seat, while children between 0 and 2 years old travel as infants and are not assigned their own seat. If the infant turns 2 before the end of the trip, a child's ticket must be reserved for the entire trip. It is not possible to book an infant ticket before the child's birth as the correct name and date of birth must match that on the passport. We will not reimburse expenses incurred by booking an incorrect type of ticket from the beginning.

f. Unaccompanied minors

Users with this type of request should contact directly the Customer Service of Different Travel S.L.U., because it is a service that requires confirmation by the airline. The user must bear in mind that some countries and airlines refuse the entry of minors under 18 years old when they are not accompanied by a legal guardian and require them to carry their birth certificate to travel.

As a general rule, the requirements that must be met are the following:

- That the request for assistance for a minor during the flight has been confirmed by the airline in advance.

- That an adult accompanies the minor to the departure airport, makes the necessary arrangements for the child's boarding, presents the appropriate release of responsibility, and waits until the plane takes off.

- When the trip requires a stopover (with programmed interruption of the trip), it will be necessary for an adult to receive and accompany the minor at these stops, taking care of the necessary arrangements for their re-boarding and waiting until the plane takes off. This point will depend on the route, the company operating the flights, and the type of stops made during the journey.

- An adult must take charge of the minor and be present at the arrival airport at the scheduled time of the flight, identifying the company staff for the reception of the minor.

g. Damaged/lost luggage

Different Travel S.L.U. as a mere intermediary will not accept any responsibility for damaged or lost luggage. Any problems should be reported immediately to the airline representative at the airport.

h. Transit and overnight accommodation

No land transport or overnight accommodation is included in the ticket price except for airlines' agreements with other operators which will be indicated in the booking itself. The User is responsible for consulting the timetables and prices of land transport.

i. Connection times between flights

Standard tickets reserved at the Portals have approved connection times. The airlines calculate the time needed for stopovers. If a flight segment is delayed causing the loss of a connection, the airlines are obliged to provide the User with a solution to reach his final destination.

If separate tickets have been booked, the airlines are not responsible for any delay resulting in a missed connection. For this reason, the User is responsible for checking that the connection time is sufficient depending on the airline and the airport. Additional expenses incurred due to the loss of a connecting flight will not be reimbursed.

j. Duplicate booking

A duplicate booking means that two or more bookings have been made with the same airline in the name of the same passenger. If you have a duplicate booking, the airline can cancel the trip(s). This can also happen if the bookings were made with different service providers. Different Travel S.L.U. will not be responsible for cancellations made by the airline or for refunds that the airline refuses in cases where a duplicate booking is suspected.

8.3.3. Air carriers which are banned from operating in the EU

The User is aware that certain airlines are banned from operating in the European Union, according to a decision taken by the European Commission in close cooperation with the national air transport authorities. These airlines are banned because they are considered unsafe or are not subject to adequate control by their country's authorities.

You can check which airlines are affected by the ban via the link below:


8.3.4. Airline rescheduling and cancellations

The contract between the User and the airline concerned usually allows for the cancellation or modification of the reservation. The User will be notified of any change once the airline has informed Different Travel S.L.U.

The flight times shown in the booking confirmation may change between the date of the booking and the date of travel. In case of changes in the flight schedule, Different Travel S.L.U. will notify you when informed by the airline company. However, it is recommended that you contact your airline at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure of each flight to ensure that the flight (and any stopovers thereof) is made at the scheduled time. Different Travel S.L.U. has no control over airline schedule changes and will not accept any responsibility for any costs that may arise from such changes.

8.3.5. Changes and cancellations requested

For low-cost airlines, please refer to section 8.3.7 of these Conditions.

a. The conditions for changing flight reservations (including changing passenger name, destination and date of travel) and for offering refunds for cancellations are set out by the relevant airline. Different Travel S.L.U., as an intermediary, has no influence on these conditions.

b. If the user wishes to make a change in his reservation or request a refund for cancellation, as an additional service, Different Travel S.L.U. may manage the request on his behalf, provided that the conditions of the airline company allow such change or refund for cancellation. Users can request this by calling the Customer Service department of Different Travel S.L.U., where they will be informed of the cost and conditions of this service.

c. In order for Different Travel S.L.U. to be able to manage the changes requested by the User, it is necessary that the latter contacts the Customer Service Department of Different Travel S.L.U. by phone at least 24 hours before the start of the trip.

In the case of requests for changes in a shorter period of time, Different Travel S.L.U. recommends that the User contacts the corresponding airline directly.

8.3.6. No presentation of the User at boarding.

The user hereby authorizes Different Travel S.L.U. to cancel on his behalf a flight not used in case he does not show up or does not appear for boarding, also authorizes Different Travel S.L.U. to request a possible refund to the airline company on his behalf. Different Travel S.L.U. is authorized but not obliged to act on this matter and for this reason the right of the user to request a refund directly from the airline remains intact.

8.3.7. Low-cost airlines

Different Travel S.L.U. will clearly show the User during the booking process the airline that will operate the flight, it is the responsibility of the customer to find out the type of company involved (low cost or regular).

The following special provisions apply in the case of flights operated by low-cost airlines:

a. When arbitrating the travel services provided by low-cost airlines, Different Travel S.L.U. may act on behalf of the User when concluding the contract between the User and the low-cost airline.

b. Different Travel S.L.U. does not always have access to the reservation systems of the low cost airlines. Therefore, the User must contact the low-cost airline directly in case of questions about reservations, changes or cancellation of your reservation.

c. The User should be aware that some low-cost airlines charge fees for manual check-in at the airport. To avoid such charges, the User should use the online check-in option through the Low Cost Airline's website. You should inform yourself well in advance about the billing options and conditions of the airline.

d. Booking confirmations for low-cost flights are sent as soon as the booking has been confirmed by the respective low-cost carrier, which may not be immediately. The User may receive two booking confirmations: one from Different Travel S.L.U. and one from the low-cost airline. If the User receives two booking confirmations, he must use the booking confirmation of the low cost airline for the check-in.

e. In addition, the internal regulations of the low-cost airlines require that all children under 14 years must always fly accompanied by an adult and properly documented with ID and / or passport. If these requirements are not met, boarding will be denied to flights operated by low-cost airlines.

f. Finally, Different Travel S.L.U. reminds the user that he or she must check directly with the airline company the conditions of the luggage such as the maximum measures of the luggage or the maximum authorized weights.

8.4. Information on passport, visa and health provisions

a. The airlines require the presentation of the ID or Passport to all passengers and in all flights, to verify the identity of the travelers. Minors must also travel properly identified and duly authorized, Different Travel SLU please consult the recommendation of travel with minors in www.maec.es. Documentation will be requested at both check-in counters and boarding gates.

The passport, visa and/or health requirements may change and it is therefore the responsibility of the User, regardless of nationality or country of residence, to contact the relevant authority (embassy, consulate, etc.) to find out the requirements, documentation, etc. required with sufficient notice.

The User is responsible for being in possession of a passport and, if applicable, a valid visa(s). It is important to remind the User to include all stopovers on their trip that may require them to carry a visa. It often takes some time to obtain a visa, so we recommend that the User applies for one in good time. Different Travel S.L.U. will not accept any responsibility towards Users who do not have the correct documents.

Different Travel S.L.U. recalls that to travel to some countries it is necessary to fill out an additional form, such as the United States, which requires filling out the ESTA (the Electronic System for Travel Authorization to the United States that you can fill out through the website of the Department of Homeland Security of the United States), or also countries like Canada, India, Kenya, among others. It is the responsibility of the User to obtain, according to the specific conditions of each User, all the necessary documentation to travel to the destination. Remember that the User must also inform himself/herself and obtain all the necessary documentation for those destinations where the flight has planned stops, technical stops, etc. Consult the conditions required for travel at: www.maec.es and more information about ESTA at www.CBP.gov/travel.

In the case of reservations for long stays, the User must first find out about any limitations or documentary requirements that may be imposed by the destination country, by contacting the corresponding consulate(s) directly and taking into account the information available on the website www.maec.es.

b. Each destination has its own requirements in terms of entry formalities, vaccinations, etc., which may also vary depending on the nationality of the passenger. It is the User's responsibility to collect such information. No incident arising from failure to comply with such official regulations will be considered the responsibility of Different Travel S.L.U. Therefore, we ask the User to consult the different formalities of the chosen destination or transit countries, as well as the time required to carry out all related steps.

8.5. Charges and payments

8.5.1. Payment

a. The payment of the travel services is processed either by Different Travel S.L.U. (in cooperation with its payment service provider(s) who provide the payment processing function) or by the service provider. The User must take into account that Different Travel S.L.U. may need to share his or her payment information, for example debit or credit card information, with his or her payment service provider(s) in order to process the payment. All payment information belonging to Users is encrypted on a secure server to be shared with the payment service provider(s).

b. Depending on the criteria and services added, the payment can be divided into two separate transactions, a charge from Different Travel S.L.U. and a charge from the service provider. The User will not be charged more than the actual total price shown on the Different Travel S.L.U. Portals.

c. In order for Different Travel S.L.U. to be able to process the payment, the User must ensure that sufficient funds are available. In case of any problem related to the processing of your payment, Different Travel S.L.U. will try again in cooperation with your payment service provider(s). If this does not lead to a satisfactory withdrawal of funds from the User, Different Travel S.L.U. will contact the User as soon as possible to give him/her instructions on other means of payment.

8.5.2. Payment fraud

If there are reasons to suspect that fraud is being committed, Different Travel S.L.U. reserves the right to refuse to process such a payment. In case of suspicion of a crime, the legitimacy of the payment may be demanded. All types of payment fraud will be reported.

8.6. Claims/complaints

8.6.1. Complaints related to the provision of passenger services

Any problems, remarks or complaints relating to the actual provision of travel services must be addressed to the relevant service provider with whom you have concluded the relevant travel service contract. See also section 8.7 of these Conditions for your rights under EU law.

8.6.2. Complaints related to the services provided by Different Travel S.L.U.

Complaints related to the services provided by Different Travel S.L.U. will be processed only in writing and must be sent within two months after the date of completion of the user's trip through the contact form made available to the user in the portals of Different Travel S.L.U. or via email to the following address: [email protected].

8.7. Rights of users according to eu regulations

8.7.1. Delayed or cancelled flights

If you travel to or from the EU, or on an EU airline, you may be entitled to claim reimbursement of any costs you may incur from the airline concerned in the event that your flight is cancelled or delayed, or you are prevented from boarding.

For more information on EC regulation 261/2004, please click here (https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/HTML/?uri=CELEX:32004R0261=EN).

8.7.2. Airline liability

The EC 889/2002 regulation on air carrier liability in case of accidents. These regulations can be found here (https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=celex%3A32002R0889).

8.8. Responsibility

a. The User accepts that Different Travel S.L.U. acts as an intermediary between the User and the service provider. Under no circumstances Different Travel S.L.U. will be responsible for the travel services that the User has booked with one or more service providers and no responsibility will be accepted for inaccuracies in the information displayed on the Portals that have been provided by the corresponding service provider.

b. If a service provider is unable to provide the travel service for any reason, including the case where a service provider goes bankrupt, Different Travel S.L.U. can only act as an intermediary and return the payment received from the corresponding service provider.

c. In relation to its own services, Different Travel S.L.U. will be responsible for damages subject to the limitations set out in these General Conditions and to the extent permitted by law. Different Travel S.L.U. will only be responsible for the direct damages suffered, paid or actually incurred due to a failure to comply with its obligations regarding its own services, up to the total amount of the cost of the User's reservation.

d. The limitation of liability set out in these Conditions also applies to the breach of obligations of persons whose responsibility is Different Travel S.L.U. according to the law.

8.9. Protection of personal data

Detailed information on the collection, processing and use of the User's personal data can be consulted at any time here.

9. Applicable law and dispute resolution

a. In the case of professionals and companies

These Conditions are governed, to the extent permitted by applicable law, by Spanish law. Also, to the extent permitted by applicable law and international agreements, the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Boltaña (Huesca, Spain), for any matter relating to the interpretation, enforcement or execution of these Conditions, expressly waiving any jurisdiction that may correspond, provided that the applicable law does not establish a specific mandatory jurisdiction.

b. In the case of consumers

These Conditions are governed by Spanish law or, if the User resides in a country other than Spain, by the law of the country of his or her domicile.

The courts of the consumer's domicile will be competent to hear any dispute arising from these Conditions. In cases where the law does not necessarily provide for the home of the consumer to resolve conflicts with respect to these conditions, shall be competent, at the choice of the consumer, the court of his home or the court of Different Travel SLU, these are the Courts of Boltaña.

Different Travel S.L.U. also informs you that the European Commission has an online platform for the resolution of legal disputes, which is available at the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ You can submit complaints through the aforementioned online platform to resolve legal disputes.


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