Glasgow City, Scotland, is on of the major UK cities and is an attractive destination for many tourists from the UK and rest of the world. There are many attractions available, both modern and historic, as well as many hotel and apartment options for staying during your visit.

Glasgow is a large and lively city, and each corner has its own unique character and atmopshere. For those that enjoy the nightlife, Glasgow's famous Sauchiehall Street has dozens of nightclubs and several live music venues, such as The Garage, and Maggie Mays. There are many cultural options for those inclined, such as the Kelvingrove Museum, or the Botanic Gardens.

Choosing the location of hotel in the city can change the impression of the city that you may experience. A hotels or apartment within the historic west end of the city sport many buildings and locations, many of which date back to the 1800s. Attached to the central train station is the Grand Central Hotel, which has stood since 1873 and has accomodated many personalities, such as JFK and Frank Sinatra, and has its own bar and restaurant. There are many options for a budget hotel or apartment in Glasgow, such as several Jurys Inns across the city, which offer a range of facilities such as wifi, gyms, or try some of the local cuisine in their Grill Bar.

Glasgow is a natural city full of life and atmosphere. There are many activities and sites to accommodate all interests, and there are a wealth of locations and liveliness to suit individual visitors, couples, groups, and families. There are many hotel and apartment options to choose from which suit the kind of atmosphere that you would like to get out of your stay. For a taste of Glasgow, be sure to take the City Tours bus, which is available in many languages, and highlights many cultural and historic parts of the city, as well as which locations offer which attractions. There is a Visit Scotland building just a few minutes from the central train station, which offers many discount rates on attractions throughout Glasgow, so be sure to enjoy your stay.