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Samuel Johnson famously wrote that "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life" and this epithet still holds true more than 200 years later. The city has fine restaurants, world-leading entertainments and unrivalled shopping opportunities. In addition to this, London is home to Her Majesty the Queen and dozens of fascinating historical buildings such as the British Museum and the Hunterian Museum where visitors can see the skeletons of the tallest and smallest people to have ever been here. Whatever you interests, there is always plenty to keep you occupied during a short break to England's capital.

When booking your hotel or apartment to be home during your holiday, there are a number of factors to consider, a hotel in the West End will be very close to the major attractions but notably more expensive per night than a hotel on the outskirts. The London underground is very reliable and a visitor can reach the centre from any other part in less than one hour with an unlimited daily ticket costing around £8. If you decide to rent an apartment for your stay, this can work out cheaper (providing your tastes are not for a luxury penthouse overlooking the mighty Thames). An apartment also has the benefit of your own cooking and cleaning facilities which can help keep costs down: eating out every night soon becomes costly. So it is up to you whether a hotel or apartment will suit your needs better and whether you plan to stay in the glamorous centre or more affordable suburbs. Either way, London is often said to be the best city in the best country in the world; find your niche and enjoy the big city atmosphere.

For a romantic weekend break, and if money is no object, a suite at a top hotel will cost upwards of £1000 a night but it is possible to book ahead and adequate hotel rooms can be found for as little as £40 a night. Prices to rent an apartment also vary wildly, depending on how opulent and central the accommodation is. When you arrive in London, a trip on one of sightseeing buses is a good way to get a flavour of the city and decide on your own itinerary.

What to see or do in and around London

  • London (Greater London)

    London is a beautiful city with so much to see and do. We travelled for a soccer game and enjoyed the atmosphere and the whole buzz around it. Would definitely recommend a weekend break to London.

  • London (Greater London)

    Top destination

    I visited London for I think the 6th time. This city has something for everyone. Walking around the most well-known places, like the Southwark, Westminster, Notting Hill, Soho, Canary Wharf, Oxford Street, Hyde Park...never gets old. Primark is heavenly. So is Muji and Paperchase for us stationery lovers. As for food, you are spoilt for choice. My personal favourite is Italian, so Franco Manca and Vapiano are a must. A visit to China Town for some Chinese is a must too. El&N and Gail's for dessert. Coffee at the Black Sheep and Joe and the Juice. Favourite pub, across the street from St. Pancras. This time, though, the highlight was the half day trip to Stonehenge with Golden Tours. Loved it. Will visit again soon, hopefully!

  • London (Greater London)

    Must see: Tower of London. Lovely castle with lots of history.

    Lovely castle. Lots of hidden stories. Worth the whole day to visit. Interactive with children. Friendly staff service. Crown Jewel is a mind-blowing experience.

  • London (Greater London)

    London has amazing old buildings that have been maintained. It was a perfect destination to visit.

    As mentioned above, the architecture (new and old) was amazing.

  • London (Greater London)

    Amazing city!!!

    The whole experience, 10/10. Great locations, amazing parks and museums, and the food... oh my God! (PS, beware of pickpockets!)

  • London (Greater London)

    London is always delightful. There is always so much to see and do.

  • London (Greater London)

    Places we went to were ace. Very easy to get to and great for the kids. Science museum: Great for adults and kids. Lots of walking, though.

  • London (Greater London)

    This was our first time travelling to London and it was a great location. Amazing places to shop, so many independent food businesses to choose from and iconic places nearby. The hotel was really close to the city centre, so it was very easy to get around to all the busiest and most exciting places there are. We went to Camden market, which was packed, but only a short bis journey.

  • London (Greater London)


    Was the other half's first time in London so did the big ones, London Eye, Big Ben, the Palace etc was very good and Chinatown is perfect for food

  • London (Greater London)

    Nice walks

    2 nice walks -Trafalgar Square, walk down Whitehall. Nice buildings and monuments there. 10 Downing Street is also there. This road brings you to Westminster abbey and Big Ben, Houses of Parliament - Walk over Tower Bridge and on the South Side to London Bridge, cross over and come back to the Tower of London

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