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What to see or do in and around Zürich

  • Zürich (Zúrich)

    The city of Zurich has a lot to offer. A walking tour through the old town and a walking tour of the chocolate shops are my favorite thing to do since I like to walk a lot. The transpotation system is not that difficult to understand and the people working in the transportation are very helpful. The airport is only ten minutes away by train from the city center. This was my first time in Switzerland and I think Zurich is also a great place to start if someone is planning to travel the whole country.

  • Zürich (Zúrich)

    I ate at Luigia restaurant in Zürich. The food tasted so good and the service was so friendly.

  • Zürich (Zúrich)

    Zurich weekend break.

    Good city for a weekend break. No car needed. Travel to downtown by public transport and then sightseeing by walking.

  • Zürich (Zúrich)

    It was very industrial near the airport but had great restaurants near by.

  • Zürich (Zúrich)

    Excellent first impression.

    The city is very efficient and clean. I was there only for international Airline connections and did not get to tour the city.

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