Stockholm is a beautiful capital city of Sweden. It is an economic, cultural and historical hub, and offers visitors a wonderful array of beautiful sights to see, places to visit and things to do. The city was founded originally by Vikings before 1000 AD, as a humble fishing village and since then has grown into one of the most attractive and interesting cities in the world. When visiting the city you will have many opportunities to take in vast architecture, statues and monuments, and it offers wonderful places to visit with excellent accommodation in the various hotels; apartments, and more dotted though the city.

There are various places to stay in the city that allow you to be close to public transport facilities and interesting and popular places to visit. You can find hotels in Stockholm in the city centre such as the Hotel Rival which is located close the famous art museums, Old Town and the Royal Palace. The city also offers accommodation besides hotels such as apartments in Stockholm. Renting an apartment is more affordable, especially if you are planning an extended visit. Staying at a hotel does give you the option of being closer to interesting landmarks or a view of the ocean, but an apartment on the city outskirts, or in an area that is less popular with tourists will be more affordable, and with the extensive public transport system, you will be able to travel and location with ease.

When visiting the picturesque city of Stockholm, it is important to plan ahead and compare prices between renting an apartment or staying in a hotel room. Different locations throughout the city offer different opportunities to stay near interesting sights or use you can use the excellent public transportation system to get to the many beautiful and interesting locations that the city has to offer.