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  • Valencia (Valencia)

    Valencia is a vibrant city, and I'm sure you know that. It's a city of culture, with plenty to do and see!

  • Bocairent (Valencia)

    Wonderful Hidden Gem

    I'd never heard of Bocairent, but it was perfectly situated between Granada and Peniscola (my least favorite soft drink.) What a gem! Don't miss the Moorish caves and mediaeval homes carved out of stone. Also, be sure to walk the Ruta Magica so you can appreciate the beauty and scope of the area.

  • Valencia (Valencia)

    Valencia is leuk! Tijdens Dallas festival is het druk en gezellig. Valencia is fun! During Dallas festival, it is crowded and fun.

  • Cofrentes (Valencia)

    One weekend near Cofrentes.

    Nice village, it has also a medieval fortification, the river that goes around offers also boat cruising and other water sports activities, there are some hills around that can be used for hiking.

  • Gandia (Valencia)

    Interesting town, beautiful beach.

  • Valencia (Valencia)

    Visit to EL Saler beach was beautiful.

  • Valencia (Valencia)

    A nice room but a lot of sound

    Nice town Valencia bit thought it would be nicer. Not a 2nd time.

  • Valencia (Valencia)

    Valencia, feel the vibe and enjoy the architecture.

    I sure want to be back in this city to explore it more.

  • Valencia (Valencia)

    Great for weekend trip

    Nice town to visit for a weekend, lively but also beautiful old town, nice beaches. If you have more time, rent a car and visit the surroundings.

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