Affectionately known as the "The City in the Sea" to locals and visitors alike, Peniscola is an ancient seaport with a rich and vibrant history and some truly sumptuous hotels and apartments. Home to an imposing 12th century castle built by the Knights Templar, this 70 kilometre square, strip of headland is now more suited to joy-filled holidays than it is jousting, however, visitors can still expect a mythical adventure among the age-old ramparts and towering forts. A fantastic range of hotels in Peniscola are available to ensure your stay is as comfortable as that of the ancient kings – why not try the luxurious Hotel ZT Peniscola Plaza Suites with lavish a Jacuzzi and glorious natural swimming pool. If your cash flow is a little tighter, then apartments in Peniscola can be equally as regal and still suitable for a range of budgets.

Located on the Mediterranean coast in the north-west of Spain, Peniscola resides within the culturally distinct, autonomous Valencian Community. The climate is typically Mediterranean with warm summers and mild winters – giving you the opportunity to enjoy the stunning surroundings at leisure. Once you leave your apartment, you'll find that the castle is a major draw for tourists but the peninsular also offers a number of secluded beaches to while away those summer days in perfect relaxation. A great selection of bars and restaurants, many situated within the hotels, also means you can enjoy some of the finest food the Mediterranean, and surrounding area, has to offer.

As a hub of Valencian culture, the city also hosts an annual comedy festival during the month of June – drawing actors, directors, critics and film buffs from throughout Europe and the world. Many screenings during the festival take place within dramatic venues, rich with history and awe-inspiring architecture, that only serves to enhance the experience and make the selection of films truly memorable. The area is particularly busy at this time of year and so it pays to book an apartment or hotel in Peniscola as early as possible to avoid disappointment and ensure your holiday remains a barrel of laughs.