A city of almost 200,000 inhabitants in Navarre Spain, Pamplona is the home of the world famous San Fermín festival which takes place between July 6th and 14th each year. Pamplona has a stunning medieval city centre, in addition to great gastronomy, wines, and fabulous hotels and accommodation. The best way to experience the city is to simply walk the through the enchanting streets and squares, and from your hotel in Pamplona you will be perfectly placed to soak up the unique atmosphere. The city's annual San Fermín festival is synonymous with "The Running of the Bulls", which was memorably documented in Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises. The Pamplona encierro, as the event is called, is broadcast on Spanish television and attracts tourists from all over the world who are brave enough to challenge the bulls. Tourists should be aware that since record-keeping began 15 people have perished during the encierro, and caution is highly advised. Make certain to book your hotel in Pamplona well in advance of the summer season, as accommodation can often be hard to come by.

Pamplona is a relatively compact city, so you do not need to take public transport to navigate your way around the various tourist sites. As with a number of Spanish cities, Pamplona's old city is easily distinguishable from the newer neighbourhoods. The oldest part of Pamplona is Navarrería, which dates back to the Roman era and contains some charming architecture and tourist attractions. A centrally located hotel in Pamplona will give you ample opportunity to discover the best that the city has to offer. For example, the city's cathedral is definitely worth a visit, combining a striking Neoclassical façade with a dramatic Gothic interior. A visit inside the cathedral will allow you to view an exceptional cloister, a diminutive chapel, refectory, and various painting exhibitions. The city's most prominent museum is housed within a Sixteenth Century hospital, and includes some priceless Roman artefacts, Romanesque art and a significant portraits by the celebrated artist Goya. There are also a number of Renaissance era paintings and murals within the museum that are another must see for visitors.