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Puerta de Atocha Train Station

Puerta de Atocha, which was inaugurated in 1851, was the first train station built in Madrid, and remains the city's largest station to this day. The station is notable for its innovative steel and glass construction, and the extraordinary tropical gardens which line the internal concourse. Visitors passing through Puerta de Atocha can also enjoy the permanent display of artwork and sculptures that can be found within the main hall. Puerta de Atocha Train Station is located in central Madrid, within the district of Arganzuela, situated just south of Parque del Retiro. The convenient location in the heart of the city ensures that Puerta de Atocha has a large number of outstanding hotels within walking distance. A hotel near Puerta de Atocha Train Station is the perfect place to stay if you have an early morning departure, or if you're planning to make a journey outside Madrid.

The Puerta de Atocha Train Station underwent a major overhaul in 1992, when the original building was converted into the modern concourse seen today. The stunning tropical botanical garden has approximately 7,000 plants collected from 260 different species, in addition to a small lake with goldfish and some turtles, which have become a popular tourist attraction in their own right. Within the central concourse you will also find a sombre memorial to victims of the 2004 terrorist attack, which claimed the lives of 191 people. Visitors can leave a hand silhouette and a personal message at the memorial through specially built interactive consoles. Staying in a hotel close to Puerta de Atocha Train Station is a great idea for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you are travelling with the Spanish national rail company Renfe, you will be required to depart from the station. From here you can visit Barcelona, Zaragoza, Seville, Valencia, and many other cities and towns through-out Spain. From hotels in the vicinity of the train station you are close to the Reina Sofia Museum and the Prado Museum, and within short walking distance of a number of great shopping districts and lively nightspots in central Madrid.

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