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Vigo is situated on a fascinating piece of coastline in northern Spain in Galicia. It has an Oceanic climate, but often has warmer summers than is typical, and as a result, attracts visitors all year round. It has some beautiful, white, sandy beaches, the most well known being, the 'Playa de Samil', which at 1,700m long, is not only lovely, but well kept and has many facilities. With a wide range of attractions and an old history, hotels in Vigo are of a good standard and are wide ranging in cost and levels of comfort. There is a charming old district at the 'Porta do Sol' which is great to walk around and is home to some good museums and art galleries. There is also a big marine museum, the 'Museo del Mar de Galicia'. This is one of the most comprehensive museums for oceanic history, ecology and fishing past and present, and highlights the biodiversity of the area. After, take a walk up the small lighthouse next door, where there is an incredible view of Vigo, including the small chain of islands just off the coast, the stunning, 'Islas Cies', which are part of a nature reserve, a haven for wild life and a wonderful day out. For a complete contrast, take a look at the 'Marco Museum of Contemporary Art', which typifies modern Spain's stylish approach to 21st century architecture and art.

With so many things to see, choosing where to stay before you go to maximize your time in Vigo is a must. Try a hotel in the 'Rias Baixas' area if you want luxury, as there are many bigger hotels here. Or try a smaller hotel in the older districts, as there are often good economical deals, and there are some friendly, stylish places to stay. If you are interested in self-catering accommodation in Vigo, there is a great selection. From stylish beach houses, to upmarket modern penthouses, and small flats in the town centre; apartments in Vigo are of a high standard, and great to enjoy what are high standard beaches, great scenery, and great attractions in this lively city.

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