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La Coruña

A major city in the Spanish municipality of Galicia, La Coruña well known for its sunny Atlantic aspect and busy port that serves as a distribution point for the entire region. With a charming old town and some outstanding beaches, you may find hotels in La Coruña for every taste and budget. Ocean side hotels in La Coruña are a short walking distance from the beaches of Orzán and Riazor, and have great sea views. From a hotel in this area you will be well placed to explore the seafront promenade that rings around the peninsula. Starting by the La Marina, you can stroll in the direction of the Millennium monument and take in the breathtaking views. The city is renowned for its distinctive glazed window balconies, which are called galerías. This style of structure was borrowed from naval architecture as a unique solution to the unusual local weather conditions, particularly the Atlantic rain. La Coruña has several excellent museums, including the Archaeological Museum and Fine Arts Museum.

The most famous tourist attraction in the city is undoubtedly the Roman Tower of Hercules, a stunning lighthouse which has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This lighthouse is regarded as the major emblem of the city, appearing on the La Coruña flag and coat of arms. The tower has been in continuous operation as a lighthouse since the Second Century, and is surrounded by a sizeable public park and golf course. Hotels in the centre of La Coruña are close to the bustling social scene that comes alive during the warm summer evenings. Most of the trendiest bars and clubs are on Calle Orzan, which runs close to the shore and attracts thousands of visitors every season. Another popular destination for (younger) tourists is Los Jardines (The Gardens), which is a park near Calle Real. A visit to one of the local restaurants is highly recommended, and will allow you to sample some of the incredible local seafood, for which the city is famous. Particularly delicious are the local mussels; in fact half of the world's mussels are harvested in the municipality.

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