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Tarragona is located in the south of Catalonia, bordered by Barcelona to the north and the Mediterranean to the east. The region has a mythology that dates back to 2407 BC, which attributes the name of the city to an ancient Ethiopian pharaoh who is told to have brought his war-machine to the Spanish coast. The city was also prominent during Roman times and, with such a diverse and rich cultural history, Tarragona is a fantastic place to book an apartment and explore. Large ancient ruins epitomize Tarragona and are a constant draw for many tourists, with apartments and hotels in Tarragona, such as the Hotel Astari, providing excellent access to much of the city's wonderful history. For those looking to enjoy a little luxury among the ruins, then the Hotel Ciutat de Tarragona provides a swimming pool and solarium on its amply proportioned rooftop terrace.

Of course, being so close to the Mediterranean coast, Tarragona makes a fantastic summer holiday destination. Tapas is a local and regional favourite and sits among many other Catalan dishes in the numerous cafés, restaurants and bars located along the coast. Seafood here is a particular speciality and enjoying a stunning sunset across the beach at your favourite restaurant is one of the true joys of this beautiful city. If a week of sun, sea and sand is what you are looking for, then the Hotel Catalunya Express and the Hotel Sant Jordi are just a couple of options amongst the many fantastic hotels and apartments available within easy access of the coast.

If you are looking for something that captures the unique and varied culture of Tarragona and the surrounding area, then there are a number of festivals throughout the long, warm summers. The Santa Tecla Festival, which begins on September 15th, is considered a national tourist attraction by the Spanish government and dates back to 1321. Should you book your hotel or apartment early enough, then you will find yourself within the centre of a celebration of Catalan culture, giving visitors and authentic slice of the city and the region.

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