If you are seeking the sun this summer, you should consider the city of Roses, located in Spain right on the Costa Brava, you are guaranteed a warm climate. There is a multitude of beaches to choose from, some of which are very popular and heavily trafficked, but after some exploration, you can find some secluded, smaller sands that could give you the key to a relaxing bathe in the sun. The whole area on the Costa Brava is surrounded by a mountainous range. These heights can be explored and walked, giving access to some breath taking sights. If you are looking for some great activities, the city of Roses is well known for its water sports, in fact this is a big attraction for those who travel to hit the waves. In the city centre there is a wealth of shops, bars and restaurants to keep you well fed and entertained on an evening.

There is no shortage of hotels in Roses, the area is a very popular tourist venue and as such has been able to create a lively environment for its visitors. There are hotels and apartments that can suit any price range and number of guests. Many of the hotels accommodate families, with some even allowing you to bring your pet along. You will also find that the hotels generally have access to a pool, where you and your family can cool off in that midday sun. The Hotel Prestige Mar y Sol is a highly rated venue, with superb pool facilities and providing excellent rooms and service. If being in the centre of the action is not quite for you, then you my consider somewhere more like the Hotel Mas Palou. Located away from the hustle and bustle, providing more scenic views and a relaxing environment.

Roses is a wonderful location on the Costa Brava. If you like the sun, sea and sand, with some warm weather and great scenic surroundings, then the Costa Brava could be your next great holiday memory. Take a look at the huge selection of hotels that are available and don't hesitate to book yours.