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Barcelona, a modern city… steeped in ancient History

Sandwiched between two rivers, namely the Llobregat and the Besòs; the Mare Nostrum and the Collserola mountains, Barcelona would be hard pushed to expand. Therefore, it has been redesigned through reinventing and restoring itself, as olympic, technological, cosmopolitan, accessible and modern through its many facets, renovating districts from the top to the bottom –and from the bottom up. Barcelona has undergone so many attempts to update in the last few decades –in fact, since the Olympic Games in 1992- that a naïve observer could mistakenly think that the city was created yesterday: from the Distrito 22@ Barcelona; the renovated (old) Borne market, where fashion, the latest gastronomic trends and the newest cultural crazes coexist; the trendy bars and restaurants of the Olympic Port; the charismatic silhouette of the Torre Agbar… to Gaudi who gives the impression of being born only yesterday, given the colourful and groundbreaking styles of his architecture and sculptures.

Barcelona born yesterday? It could seem that way, but in fact it was the Iberians who firstseated their royals in the heights of Montjuic mountain… not far from which, centuries later, some Iberian settlers became the first inhabitants of Barcelona. Then came the Romans –for them Barcelona would be the Iulia Augusta Paterna Faventio Barcino colony-; Visigoths; Arabs; and, in the year 801 the Christians, in the hands of the Carolingian conquistadors. In other words, Barcelona has always been as it is today: a melting pot of cultures… and of sensations. And thanks to this, those who come to Barcelona today are guaranteed to find it all: culture, leisure, sea, mountains, art, sports, trade, finance, technology... The best way is for travellers to discover it all for themselves, to get lost in its unique districts, to tour it from beginning to end, by day and by night, to see how the city transforms and presents itself in its different, varied and complementary guises.

Discover these guises by touring the streets of Carmel, a district situated on the slopes of one of the hills which form a backdrop to the city… like the famous Parc Güell (who would go to Barcelona and not visit it?). An infrastructure designed as the heart of the city’s residential area, which finally became the public park it is today. Travellers are recommended to lose themselves in some, or all, of its dreamlike corners: the Sala de les Cent Columnas, the Gran Plaça…

Above is Parc Güell, below is Barcelona, with the Olympic district in what was the crowded Poblenou area –today, amongst trendy restaurants and chic bars, the city’s highest buildings reach for the sky: the Hotel Arts and the Torre Mapfre- and with slight traces of what was there before, visible in the surrounding Calle Pere IV and La Rambla. It would be worth your while passing through there after taking a swim in the neighbouring beaches of Bagatell, Nova Icaria or, further south, in what was the old fishing area –now a place with rectilinear streets and buildings made from glass and steel, known as the Barceloneta. Not far from here is the Parc de la Ciutadella, also worth a visit, with its various museums (for example, the Museu d’Art Modern) and delightful walks.

For no apparent reason, the long walk brings you out at the Columbus monument, the royal docks (Drassanes Reials) and, a stone’s throw away, as they say, the Rambla de las Flores, the Gothic district (with unique attractions such as the beautiful cathedral of Santa María del Mar and the Picasso museum)… fancy discovering more? Then Barcelona awaits you.

What to see or do in and around Barcelona

  • Barcelona (Barcelona)

    Amazing historic architecture

    If you are charmed by period details, old world elegance in street lamps, balcony railings, doorways, windows, moulding, architecture, in short- this is a great city to stroll around in. We stayed in the gothic quarter and mostly kept to their, it is such a beautiful environment. Trees really helped, and all the cascading plantlife from balconies. Sites: Really enjoyed Sagrada Familia, Casa Vicens, Palau Gruell (all gaudi and fascinating). Palau de la Musica Catalonia is not to be missed! Gorgeous art nouveau mosaic, sculpture, design. Picasso museum was interesting to see his development and creative process. All his best works are in bigger museums around the world. Arco de triunfo is very beautiful. We visited the cathedral but i did not find it memorable religious art isnt for me altho intricate carvings are amazing. Sagrada familia is much more inspiring. Dont miss barcelona if you are visually inclined. It is a feast!

  • Barcelona (Barcelona)

    Barcelona, the most adorable city

    For young people, Barcelona is the best place where to spend your holidays. The city's heritage is so rich. And the population is too young compared to other European countries

  • Barcelona (Barcelona)

    Best town- Barcelona

    The best city, amazing food, quality public transportation system and warm people all around! A week is not enough to see everything! Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia, casa Vicens, park Güell, Tibidabo, Barceloneta beach, LArc de TRIOMF, Ciutadella Park and so many more, definitely worth the visit!

    Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona
  • Barcelona (Barcelona)

    Always Beautiful

    You can't beat Barcelona as a destination, it has everything from city to beach to bars to restaurants - a true destination

  • Barcelona (Barcelona)


    Barcelona was beautiful and sunny, We enjoyed the sightseeing trip

  • Barcelona (Barcelona)

    Barcelona has got it all

    So much to do in Barcelona! History, museums, art galleries, sightseeing. Or beach lounging and swimming. Or endless brunch, tapas restaurants, cava and wine. So many bars, gigs and nightclubs too!

  • Barcelona (Barcelona)

    Great city by the beach.

    Great city with beautiful buildings and locations to see. A lot of attractions and places to visit. The big minus is that almost all places get closed at 21:00, with mid-day breaks, so it leaves you less time to visit them.

    Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona
  • Barcelona (Barcelona)

    City Weekend Break

    We decided to not book transfers from the airport for our arrival, as we had heard there were some good public transport options. The rail/ metro stop is a 7 minute walk from the terminal, and we paid €4.80 each for a ticket for a 45 minute journey. We had to make one change but it was a case of getting off one train, staying on the same platform and getting on the next train. The hotel was great, easy to find and our room was ready early so we were able to drop our bags etc.Amongst other things, we went to the Sangrada Familia, £50 ish for 2 to enter. It’s an impressive building from the outside, and the stain glass windows are pretty great inside, however I wouldn’t pay to go inside again.We also went to the La Boqueria food market. We zigzagged through to make sure we didn’t miss anything, and it is full of amazing smells and colours. Don’t eat before going here as you will regret it! There are plenty of things to choose from, from snacks to sit down meals at a heightened bar.Finally we wanted to get a good view of the city too, so we headed to the Bunkers de Carmel (again by bus, €2.40 each, each way). This was a great spot with an amazing view, very chilled and a lot less tourists.An overall great mix of city, culture, beach and great food.

    Barcelona Barcelona

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