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The magical city of Toledo is a tourist's dream. With a heritage spanning thousands of years and incorporating beautiful architecture left by Romans, Moors and Christians, few Spanish destinations have such elegance and romance. There are also some fantastic hotels in Toledo to choose from. Despite being inland, the city can offer a traditional Spanish vacation experience, with luxuries like a lavish pool and spa treatment, available at hotels like Parador de Toledo (which also boasts stunning vistas across the city). Then there are smaller, centrally located options like the Hotel Mayoral, just 50 metres from the bus station and right at the heart of the bustling restaurant and bar scene. There are also specialist family hotels in Toledo like the Buenavista Toledo, which prides itself on its comfort and space, or the more modern La Bastida, which offers superb value and a convenient location. But visitors can also choose from a variety of hostels and pensions, or rent an apartment for themselves.

When the accommodation has been sorted out, there is plenty to see in Toledo. The beautiful Cathedral is most people's first port of call, and there are many medieval or baroque churches and monasteries to tour after that. A trip to the nearby town of Consuegra makes for a change, with picture perfect windmills which evoke the spirit of Don Quixote (and are an unbeatable photo opportunity). But Toledo is more than anything else a superb town to walk around. See the winding ancient streets, which have been used for thousands of years, and climb to the gorgeous Mirador del Valle to see everything laid out below. There are also some excellent museums on offer, when the walking becomes too much, with superb collections of El Greco paintings, a museum of the Sephardic Jews and a fascinating museum of Visigothic Culture. Toledo has seen so much history, and represents a feast of sights and interest. And with so many beautifully kept, comfortable hotel options it is a fantastic city break destination for anyone seeking a romantic, beautiful getaway.

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