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The Canary Islands are a unique group of islands located off the west coast of Morocco in northern Africa. Tenerife is the largest island and a very popular tourist destination. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, often shortened to Santa Cruz, is the capital of the Canary Islands. This picturesque port is located on the north east coast of the island. Choosing a beautiful hotel in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, perfect for your needs, is easy due to the wide variety of accommodation available. Hotels in Santa Cruz de Tenerife range from large, sea view hotels to smaller, rustic inland hotels with a more cosy atmosphere. Alternatively choose an apartment in Santa Cruz de Tenerife for a relaxing, self catering holiday in the Canary Islands. Apartments in Santa Cruz de Tenerife are modern and comfortable, a real home away from home.

Finding fascinating places to visit near your hotel or apartment in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a breeze, as there are so many places to see. The bustling Canary Islands port is a wonderful mix of old and modern buildings and lifestyle. Architecture dating back over 500 years can be seen at the Church of la Concepción. The 'Carnaval' at Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a must see event every year in February, full of Brazilian style music and costumes. After a busy day of eating, drinking and dancing, your hotel or apartment will be a joy to relax in. In addition to stunning beaches, there are many parks and museums to enjoy a laid back day at. The Maritime Park or the Museum of Open Air Sculptures offer a relaxing place to visit in beautiful surroundings. Be sure to try the local food which consists of delicious stews, spicy sauces and seafood. If you stay in an apartment with a kitchen, you can visit the local market and try to recreate some dishes yourself. The tram system is very handy for taking a tour, hop on and off wherever your desires take you. Spend a day at the Teide National Park and see its volcano surrounded by natural beauty.

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