Originally a fishing village dating from the 15th century, Arrecife – in the Canary Island – has been Lanzarote's capital city since it took over from Teguise at the end of the 18th century. The remains of the old Canary Island fishing village remain, and in and around 'El Charco de San Gines' many Fisherman's old houses survive and surround a salt water lagoon right in the centre of the city. Like on some other Canary Islands, there is a series of reefs along the coast and tiny islets, lending Arrecife its name – Arrecife means 'Reef' in Spanish – and the sea faring heritage is very alive here as with other Canary Island destinations. It is also home to 'La Casa De Los Arroyo', which is a declared historical monument and now houses a scientific centre, the 'Blas Cabrera.' There is also a museum of modern art housed in the 'Castles of San Jose' and the building 'San Gabriel' is home to an archaeological museum. Apart from this learned heritage, Arrecife is a lively, affluent, cosmopolitan city, with plenty of modern attractions, accommodation and the port, the 'Puertos de los Marmoles' has ferries regularly coming and going to other Canary Islands. All of this can be explored from your hotel in Arrecife. There is also one famous tower block, which although empty for many years, is now a wonderful modern redevelopment, including the luxury Grand Hotel and a restaurant on the top floor which has spectacular views over the city and Lanzarote.

Arrecife in the Canary Islands, has a wide range of holiday accommodation, including rental apartments too. If it's hotels in Lanzarote you're after, then there is a great selection to choose from to suit all budgets. From luxury modern and traditional hotels in the city, to those on the coast, Lanzarote hotels are of a high standard and are modern and very well run. Or if you want a self-catering break, there are some good villas to let, or apartments in Arrecife of all sizes. Most villas and apartments, if set within a complex in the Canary Islands, also come with a pool, which is one of the best ways to blend a relaxed sun holiday with some of the sights of Arrecife, a lively fun city.