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As the second most northerly of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura also tends to be one of the windiest, as well as having strong water currents around the beaches. However, careful town and beach planning means that Corralejo still retains the charm of the fishing village it always was and still is at heart, and has developed into a great place for water sports. With sandy beaches right on the doorstep, modern Corralejo, has developed into a lovely town. Nearby, in the 'Parque Natural de Corralejo', which is a protected area, there are some of the most beautiful beaches and sand dunes in Europe. White sand, bright blue sea and black volcanic rock makes for a stunning place to enjoy. Very suitable also for outdoor sports like tennis, and hiking, there's also the option of using a hotel or rental apartment in Corralejo as a base to explore Fuerteventura further. There are plenty of apartment and hotel options in Corralejo that would be great if that's your plan. With jeep hire very easy and popular, just turn up and and take off around Fuerteventura whenever it suits you.

However, the main two big hotels, 'Hotel Riu Palace', and 'Hotel Riu Oliva Beach' which are to the north of the town, are of a high standard and great for a luxury stay. Also, take a look up the main street that runs right through Corralejo, on through a music plaza, to the harbour, and there are plenty of smaller hotel options and self-catering apartment options to suit all budgets. With plenty of restaurants and a lively, but relaxed feel, Corralejo is perfect for a break all year round due to a stable, warm climate that only varies by a few degrees from winter to summer. Also, with everything in Corralejo situated within walking distance, it's also a perfect spot to just turn up, relax, and enjoy the sun and all the lovely food on offer. As Fuerteventura is a volcanic island, the soil is very fertile, and famous for growing avocados, bananas, papayas, and tomatoes. Add some Spanish tapas or a Paella, and some local Canarian wine, and all that remains to do is to sit outside a great apartment near the dunes, watch the sun set and relax.

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