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What to see or do in and around Lanzarote

  • Arrecife (Isla de Lanzarote)

    A very nice and calm town which is also a great place to stay and start to discover Lanzarote. I'll

    I spent one week in Lanzarote for the first time. I'm a simple backpacker with not incredible needs or expectations. This is a quite small and nice island, the landscape looks like the Mars. There are some fancy and busy places (Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen) with lots of tourists, mainly British. I also rent a bike for two days to discover these places near by Arrecife, which is a very friendly and quite calm capital city and worth to see. You can walk there easily, there's no long distances. There are shops everywhere, so you won't be starving. The restaurants cook well, people are friendly, but they don't really (like) speak(ing) English. I really liked the idea of the ice-skate rink at the Christmas funfair, people are not the greatest ice.skaters here... and the street workout park at the inner lake San Ginés is also amazing! The bike route is pretty nice and well-built along the sea shore, but riding a bike on the roads are also allowed. (The traffic isn't very hard.) Only one disadvantage: the public bus schedule is rarely followed in time, for me it was a bit chaotic. If you want to see the whole island you'd better to rent a car I think. Anyway, I loved it, because the best thing is to enjoy the sunshine, feel the heat on your skin and watch the parrots flying above your head on palm trees - when there's cold in my country.

    Arrecife Arrecife Arrecife Arrecife
  • Playa Blanca (Isla de Lanzarote)

    Wonderful place

    Play Blanca is flat, the most sunny area of the island. It has sooo much to offer. Beautiful beach, delicious restaurants and sooo much more.

  • El Golfo (Isla de Lanzarote)

    El Golfo is a emerald green lake on a black sanded beach. The colour is caused by a semi precious stone called Olivina that can be found amongst the grains of sand. The lake is the consequence of a volcanic eruption. The tube which was originaly an escape for the molten lava is now filled with sea water.

    El Golfo El Golfo El Golfo
  • Puerto del Carmen (Isla de Lanzarote)

    Coast with Tons of Restaurants

    Lots of dining options - many different cuisines available here. A bunch of cocktail bars that have great prices especially during happy hours. Great views when you take the coastal walk from Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero. Would highly recommend inspite of the strong winds.

  • Playa Blanca (Isla de Lanzarote)

    We took a bus to Playa Blanca right outside our hotel. If you get the chance to go, do it! Spent a few hours walking around the promenade beaches and marina, beautiful!

    Playa Blanca
  • Puerto del Carmen (Isla de Lanzarote)

    Great Place and Atmosphere, Despite COVID

    Arthur's bar (If you're a Man City or Rangers fan) Africa bar (Above Mulligans) - great for live music and the staff are very welcoming. Why Not Bar, especially for bingo lovers - Maria and Andy are fantastic hosts.

  • Costa Teguise (Isla de Lanzarote)

    Teguise market, Teguise Boulevard.

  • Arrecife (Isla de Lanzarote)

    Festival during carnaval and lovely bakery.

    We went for a coffee at Lolita, near the beach. You should try one of the treats they sell. Coffee is also perfect. In this main-town during our stay there was a carnaval festival. A lot of costumed people, summer music and a great party. Enough shops in the city if you need to buy something. In Arracife there is also a big gym named Macro Fit. Normally we always visit the gym three times a week. Friendly people and not that expensive.

  • Teguise (Isla de Lanzarote)

    The beach at Teguise is beautiful and the walks along the coast are lovely.

    We enjoyed walking the coast and eating at the tapas bars.

  • Playa Blanca (Isla de Lanzarote)

    Fantastic !

    Beautiful safe part of Lanzorote, great walks and excellent food !

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