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  • Caleta de Fuste (Isla de Fuerteventura)

    Fabulous sandy beaches

    A wide range of different cuisines are available in caleta de fuste

  • Caleta de Fuste (Isla de Fuerteventura)

    Tourist place

    Nice weather and place, but it is a tourist destination. You have everything you need for a great holiday.

  • El Cotillo (Isla de Fuerteventura)

    Excellent beaches, good seafood restaurants.

  • Caleta de Fuste (Isla de Fuerteventura)

    City near the airport, not really attractive

    We choose caleta de Fuste because of the location and the price of the accommodation. The location was fine to sightseeing a lot of places as it was in the middle of the island...but on the other hand, next time we would split our journey into location in the south and in the north. For us, Caleta has nothing to offer, there are a lot of bars, restaurants that have nothing to do with canarian cuisine. It was really hard to find a restaurant with a local cuisine.

  • Caleta de Fuste (Isla de Fuerteventura)

    Lots of restaurants, bars, shops around and one of the best beaches I have recently seen

  • Corralejo (Isla de Fuerteventura)

    Best place to stay

    Amazing place to stay, the busiest place at the island. A lot of stores and restaurants, a square with live music every night. You can do a lot of water sports. There is a harbour, so you can take different boats (Lobos island is great). At night, you can go out to nice places!

  • Caleta de Fuste (Isla de Fuerteventura)

    There are many restaurants and bars, however I would say that it is rather an expensive place, an average meal for one person is about €20. The bus services very reasonably priced and very frequent

  • Corralejo (Isla de Fuerteventura)

    Nice beaches, great walks, cosy restaurants, friendly people

  • Caleta de Fuste (Isla de Fuerteventura)

    Short break away

    After living in caleta de fuste and returning some 6 years later I found the town in need of an injection of money, time and a serious investment. It was so quiet , dead and lacked life. Still love the island and if you want to get a great tan and be in bed by 12 then caleta is the place, however if you want more life than corrallejo is the place to visit.

  • Caleta de Fuste (Isla de Fuerteventura)

    Great food, entertainment everywhere nice cocktails.

    The selection of bars and eateries is wide and most are high quality. Most bars have entertainment on each night. Restaurants offer a wide selection of delicious food, more than enough good places to eat our each night during a 2 week stay. There is no doubt Covid has had an effect on this place in terms of visitor numbers but this has not affected the quality of the food. All places we visited were friendly and pleased to see us. There is enough to do during the day. If you struggle with stuff to do (you won't) then you can always go bowling or have a round or two of crazy golf. Notable restaurants we went to (2021) are Pickled Palm, Fado Rock, El Patio, Fifteen, Ascension. Many many others are equally as good.

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