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  • Cala d'Or (Isla de Mallorca)

    Lovely Cala d’Or

    I highly recommend visiting Cala d’Or if you like going somewhere vivid. There are plenty of restaurants and bars with different kinds of food (tapas, paella, meat, fish, Italian, Thai, sushi, ...). In general you do see more families/couples in Cala d’Or and not so many young people.Reservations are usually not necessary but do keep in mind that it gets more crowded around 8 pm. I highly recommend restaurant “La Bodega” for some great tapas and sangria.You will also find some typical souvenir shops and other stores so it’s also a nice place to do some shopping.Cala d’Or has two popular beaches: Cala d’Or and Cala Gran. Keep in mind that it can get quite busy during the day. At Cala Gran it is possible to rent sunbeds (€17,50 for two sunbeds and a parasol) but you should come before 10 am otherwise they will all be occupied. The sea is great with super clear water!

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