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Seville is the capital city of the autonomous community of Andalusia in Spain. It is a rich historical city with influences from its Islamic Moorish and Roman inhabitants from centuries past. It is divided into two by the river Guadalquivir, Seville and Triana. It has a population of over 700,000 people and it is a top tourist destination with three UNESCO World Heritages sites; namely the General Archive of the Indies, The Cathedral, where the remains of Christopher Columbus were interred, and the Alcazar Palace Complex, which was built in the 14th Century. Seville's centuries old architecture gloriously stands side by side with modern architecture built for the International Expo in 1992, which includes: a modern airport, a train station and a bullet train link to Madrid, the capital city of Spain, making it very easy to travel into and around it. The cultural city has a vibrant night scene with many places to visit, such as the Isla Cartuja, Plaza Alfalfa and Calle Betis. The activities to do in Seville include: attending a bullfight and the April Fair, which is a celebration after the sombre Easter period. It is a laid-back tourist city with a choice of accommodation to stay at while visiting.

Exquisite accommodation in Seville

There are numerous lovely hotels in Seville, ranging from high-end hotel and apartment choices to budget accommodation. The Hotel Sevilla Centre is located in the old town, next to the Buhaira Gardens and is a very pleasurable hotel with a swimming pool, a seasonal rooftop and free wi-fi. The Hotel Murillo is a top-notch historical architectural building with a rooftop terrace that gives you a view of the city. It is located in Santa Cruz and accessible from the city's sights and sounds. On the apartment side, the Apartament Tempa Museo is located right next to Plaza Del Museo and has a hot tub, heated pool and a free wi-fi zone. Another amazing apartment is the Apartament Murillo located in Santa Cruz, with a decked rooftop terrace, with sunbeds to lie on as you watch the city sights and an air conditioned apartment with a flat screen TV.

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Most accommodation is within walking distance from the city's main attractions, such as the museums and ancient architectural buildings. While visiting Seville, buy a Sevilla Card which allows you to make savings, as it entitles you to gain entry into most museums and monuments for free, as well as travelling on public transport. Enjoy a historical and cultural experience by visiting Seville, the burial place of Christopher Columbus.

What to see or do in and around Seville

  • Seville (Sevilla)

    We loved everything about Seville

    The city is adorable. From the very friendly locals to the amazing tapas, which were delicious. Special mention to Petra & Espondesa for high quality food & drinks & cafe Manolo for very tasty breakfasts!

  • Seville (Sevilla)

    Seville is a beautiful place.

  • Seville (Sevilla)

    Seville is a beautiful city. Despite its size, it has remained calm and is very pleasant to visit. In the fall, the weather is perfect for visiting this city. And also beautiful vegetation. The restaurants and the food they serve are really good and the prices are very affordable.

  • Seville (Sevilla)

    A great city along the river and Plaza de España.

  • Seville (Sevilla)

    Seville is a beautiful destination in Spain at the end of October when it is still warm to walk in t-shirts and shorts.

  • Seville (Sevilla)

    Seville the Enchanted City

    Seville is an extremely nice city with so mich things to see and do! One can visit the Alcazar , Aquarium, River Cruise, Theme Park and do tours in the wild life too…you only need some time ️

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