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  • Seville (Sevilla)

    Great visit to Seville

    Seville is a hot and bustling city with great food and things to do and see. Although better to avoid in summer, it enjoys sunny weather and pleasant temperature even in winter. Visit Isla Magica if you have small kids, Caixa Fórum is always a great exhibition and stroll the city center to soak in on Andalusian culture and vibes!

  • Seville (Sevilla)

    We loved everything about Seville

    The city is adorable. From the very friendly locals to the amazing tapas, which were delicious. Special mention to Petra & Espondesa for high quality food & drinks & cafe Manolo for very tasty breakfasts!

  • Seville (Sevilla)

    Seville is a beautiful place.

  • Seville (Sevilla)

    Seville is a beautiful city. Despite its size, it has remained calm and is very pleasant to visit. In the fall, the weather is perfect for visiting this city. And also beautiful vegetation. The restaurants and the food they serve are really good and the prices are very affordable.

  • Seville (Sevilla)

    A great city along the river and Plaza de España.

  • Seville (Sevilla)

    Seville is a beautiful destination in Spain at the end of October when it is still warm to walk in t-shirts and shorts.

  • Seville (Sevilla)

    Seville the Enchanted City

    Seville is an extremely nice city with so mich things to see and do! One can visit the Alcazar , Aquarium, River Cruise, Theme Park and do tours in the wild life too…you only need some time ️

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