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The sixth largest city in Spain, Málaga has long been a top destination for sun seeking Brits, who flock to the beaches of this populous stretch of the Costa Del Sol, hoping to soak up the warmth afforded by the area's subtropical-Mediterranean climate. Just 80 miles from Africa, the city boasts one of the warmest winters in Europe and a laid back attitude to life, making it a year-round travel destination and popular home for British ex-pats. Weather aside, the area is also a popular destination for history buffs - at over 2,600 years old it is one of the oldest cities in the world, even older than London.

There are plenty of top quality, well-appointed hotels with pools in Málaga, and other kinds of accomodation as with the rest of the Costa del Sol. There's something for everyone, whether they're looking for a self-catering hotel or a fully catered hotel. The average four star hotel in Málaga start from just £40 a night, and most have rooftop pools, balconies and sun terraces for enjoying the views. For a different kind of accomodation than a hotel, why not try a holiday apartment? An apartment in Málaga will typically be along the beach front, with stunning sea views as well as their own pools. This type of apartment accomodation often suits larger groups.

As with much of the Costa del Sol, the main attraction to the area is the beach, with its golden sands and warm waters perfect for swimming and snorkelling, making an apartment the ideal choice in the area for sun seekers. Hotels in Málaga tend to be city based, meaning families have a perfect base to take advantage of historical sights in the old centre of the city such as the Roman theatre, dating back to the first century AD and the ancient city walls, viewable in the cellar of the famous Picasso museum. The Church of Santiago is a gothic beauty worth paying a visit to as well. There are plenty of other more simple attractions near top accomodation in Málaga and the Costa del Sol as well, such as shopping at competitive prices, and many fine museums, art galleries, restaurants and tourist-friendly bars.

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  • Málaga (Málaga)

    Málaga is one of my favourite cities in the world. It gives a beautiful experience every time I visit. The old town architecture is stunning. It’s amazing to be in the middle of such a vibrant and authentic atmosphere. The bars, restaurants and nightlife is second to none. The shops offer the perfect retail therapy. There is always a different experience on available, from museums, exhibitions or a day on the beach.

  • Málaga (Málaga)

    Like I said, it's right next to the golf course, and very close to the center of Malaga. Also what's very nice, it's right on the beach !The food could be better, but not bad.

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