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  • La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz)

    La Linea is a nice town with friendly people and great places to eat and drink. There was a bit of street litter, but what town doesn't have this? The town has a bit of a bad name, but don't listen to that. Definitely visit if you're in Gibraltar.

  • Chipiona (Cádiz)


    Lovely seaside town with plenty of bars and restaurants. The beach was amazing, soft sand and warm waters. Kids really enjoyed it. Some perfect beach bars to stop for a bite to eat or drink.

  • Castellar de la Frontera (Cádiz)

    Amazing Castle City, Stunning Views!

    The Castle includes a mini village of small pedestrian only alleyways of white walls, floral decor, small art galleries, and local mini shops. It was an incredible, relaxing, and historic visit. There is a nearby lake that is very pretty, and since it is on a hilltop, the views are breathtaking. The people are friendly, and it has not been ruined by excess tourism.

  • Cádiz (Cádiz)

    A memorable intriguing place to visit.

    Best dining experience. La Candela.Quirky atmospheric restaurant 300 metres from the hotel. Great marked walking routes. Friendly helpful people. Great train service into the city. You can walk everywhere. The city moves at a slow pace. Loved the experience. Have been to Seville and Cordoba, which I also loved but Cadiz has its own unique personality.

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