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A municipality in south east Spain and found in the province of Almeria, Roquetas de Mar has a very dry climate because of its close proximity to the Sierra Nevada. With a pretty harbour, there are many chances to take one great photo after another. There are plenty of opportunities to relax in this municipality because it also has a sandy beach that isn't usually very busy even at the height of summer. When wanting to stay at a hotel in Roquetas de Mar, there are many to choose from, such as multi-storey buildings. If a family wishes to holiday in this municipality, there are many hotels in Roquetas de Mar to stay in. As multi-storey buildings provide various types of catering, a family can even have all of their meals included. A self-catering hotel can also be stayed in. If a family or a couple want to enjoy the local cuisine for all of their meals in a nearby restaurant, a self-catering hotel can be stayed in. Hotels are situated around Roquetas de Mar. As well as overlooking a sandy beach, a hotel that is in the centre of this municipality can be chosen instead. Not only are there hotels in Roquetas de Mar, but also apartments. Nestled next to the apartments that residents of Roquetas de Mar reside in, an apartment will become a second home because all mod cons are usually provided. An apartment can also have a swimming pool. By choosing this type of apartment, a relaxing swim can be enjoyed at all times.

When a family, couple or solo traveller wants to explore Roquetas de Mar, there are many attractions which can be added to an itinerary, such as a bullring. With bull fights held regularly, this traditional activity can be experienced first-hand. There is also a water fun park is in Roquetas de Mar. If a family are holidaying in this municipality during the summer, they can visit its water park. Roquetas de Mar also has a long promenade. Once a family have enjoyed their meals at one of the local restaurants, they can stroll along the promenade in the evening.

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  • Roquetas de Mar (Almería)

    Nice holiday resort

    Roquetas de Mar is a nice holiday resort with plenty of bars and restaurants to chose from.

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