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  • Lisbon (Lisboa)

    Great place to visit with a lot of historical sites.

    Portugal is a place to visit for its weather, people friendliness and the historical sites. The food is great as a lot of choices are available. Portugal cuisine is famous for its fish bacalhau. The whole family enjoyed the trip. Sesimbra is a small beautiful coatal city that is worth a visit. Algarve is also very nice with its sandy beaches and beautiful scenery all around.

  • Sintra (Lisboa)

    The whole historic centre of Sintra is very nice to visit. Allow 3 hours for Pena Palace and its gardens, 1,5 hours (2,5 if you want to see the palace as well) for Quinta da regaleira and about 2 hours for the centre itself. Wear sturdy shoes because its up and down the entire day.

  • Lisbon (Lisboa)

    Nice hotel with high standard, perfect location next to park, subway, main avenues. Small coffeeplaces round the corner. Highly recommended.S. Malmberg, Stockholm

  • Lisboa (Lisboa)


    There were usually many on tram 28. The restaurants are delicious. Public transport is easy to use and frequent

  • Lisbon (Lisboa)

    I love Lisbon, it's a beautiful city. It's a historical landscape.

  • Lisboa (Lisboa)

    The only thing I can say is do a minimum of 3 day's, so much to see and do ! And have good walking shoes.

  • Lisbon (Lisboa)

    tag river


  • Torres Vedras (Lisboa)

    Next to Lisbon.

    A small town next to Lisbon. If you don’t find a tolerable price or even a booking in Lisbon, this town is a good option to get an accommodation not far from Lisbon.

  • Lisbon (Lisboa)

    Lisbon an amazing European capital.

    Safe, clean and very nice city, with a lovely gastronomy.

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