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  • Vilamoura (Faro)

    Vilamoura marina/haven and beach.

    The haven (marina) is very nice and there are restaurants surrounding the haven so you can eat with a lovely view. There is a large beach with amazing waves 15 minutes walking from the haven. The center of vilamoura with shops is not so big and there aren’t many shops or restaurants. There is nothing to see besides the beach and the haven; there are some supermarkets as well. Everything is walking distance!

  • Carvoeiro (Faro)

    Ferragudo is a small fishing town. It has all the necessary amenities. Food is amazing and what makes this town special it's their people. It's surrounded by lovely beaches and the weather during Summer time is just amazing.

  • Lagos (Faro)

    There is enough to see in Lagos. Old city is charming, local food is very tasty. Amazing walking paths starting right in front of the hotel

  • Portimão (Faro)

    Linda cidade

    Cidade bonita muito bem arranjada. A zona da Rocha está maravilhosa.

  • Albufeira (Faro)

    Happy guests.

    Lots of entertainment in Albufeira.

  • Faro (Faro)

    Landscaping view.

    View from the tower of the cathedral is very spectacular.

  • Lagos (Faro)

    Nice city, old interesting history. Wonderfully weather.

  • Olhos de Água (Faro)

    Rustige locatie maar alle faciliteiten zijn aanwezig in het hotel.

  • Alvor (Faro)

    Very nice and quaint village, good restaurants.

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