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The city of Venice is renowned for its stunning submerged town houses and aquatic transport system, hundreds of ornate and historical bridges and the romantic charm that accompanies any Italian city from the Riviera to Milan. Located in the middle of a beautiful lagoon, accessing Venice is in and of itself both awkward and charming. Your arrival will necessarily involve travelling in one of the many waterbuses (vaporetti) or watertaxis which are used throughout the city to suit the needs of locals and tourists alike. With a busy, hectic, hot and humid atmosphere at peak season which mellows out to an unrecognisably quaint and unpresuming one outside of the major holiday periods. These periods include the high of summer holiday season, Carnevale and the Film Festival in early September, so whether it's deemed better to embrace the high season or avoid it, be aware of what to expect.

The main difference that distinguishes high season from low season will be the amount spent on accommodation. During any one of the peak season periods, any hotel or apartment will be extortionately priced. However, at other times it will become clear that resorts, hostel, hotel, apartment and other accommodation prices significantly decrease. There will be high end options, such as a hotel with a spa or a hotel with beautiful views of the city. There will also be lower cost options such as a self-catered apartment or a shared apartment, which can cut costs should budget be an issue. If looking for style over price, try a themed hotel which come with the intimate charm of a personally rented apartment but with the added comfort of hotel standard service and cuisine.

It is best to go into a holiday in Venice with an open mind regarding accommodation, aware of the restrictions and the opportunities that are inherent in any choice that is made. Venice is a larger city than many would believe, and the outskirts can offer budget travellers with beautiful and charming hotel or apartment choices for very reasonable prices. Keep an eye on the budget but don't forget to keep the other on the stunning scenery and cultural gems that surround this city.

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  • Venice (Venecia)

    Loved the city of Venice.

    Well worth a visit. The water buses run directly from the airport and back. You can pay on the water bus €15 each way. The city is full of amazing sites. Well worth visiting.

  • Venice (Venecia)


    The trip to Venice was perfect in every way, especially during the island tours where there were fewer crowds and we could enjoy the sea view, fresh seafood, and the freedom of traveling. Buying a one-day boat ticket was definitely worth it.

  • Venezia (Venecia)

    Beautiful city. I will definitely return there!

  • Venice (Venecia)

    Venice is a wonderful city with its many beautiful islands. It is unique, and its beauty is not comparable to any other city, country, or place! Special places to visit are St. Marco square, Ducale Palace, bridge of sighs, Lido island, Rialto bridge, Santa Croce area, anywhere in the centre, everything is unique and beautiful. A bit crowded as it is touristy, but a must-visit. Try their famous cicchetti! The Venetian tapas! Visit the islands of Lido and Murano. And of course enjoy the beautiful hotels overlooking the canal!l

  • Venecia (Venecia)


    Preciosa ciudad, imprescindible visitar al menos una vez en la vida. En agosto hace mucho calor que es más soportable a partir de las 7 de la tarde.

  • Venice (Venecia)

    Worth the visit for sure.

    Although the boat rides are overpriced, it's still nice to walk around this town and see many of its sights, small streets and canals

  • Venice (Venecia)

    Venice is dreamy, romantic, with an undercurrent of mystery and drama. The Grand Canal is the center of activity, with gondoliers singing to the passengers in their boats. The magnificent Piazza San Marco is another must-see hub. Lots of stylish cafés and gelaterias, souvenir shops and small businesses, plus Renaissance palaces and Gothic churches.

  • Venecia (Venecia)

    It is more than what I expected.

    I went to the concert near Academia bridge. It was so good.

  • Venice (Venecia)

    I like Italy and I liked Venice now too.

    All that a reader knows before go to a destination and the things he discover there are personal choices...In Venice I liked more that you walk around and discover many things on your the small bridges you see suddenly and you must know GPS in not working there!

  • Venedig (Venecia)

    Nice city and currently relative empty

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