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  • Venice (Venecia)

    A space that makes you forget about everyday life

    It is a very nice place that makes you forget about everyday life. We will visit this place again. It takes you back to the medieval world. The best part was the gondola, the narrow river was very romantic. But be careful, it is very expensive.

    Venice Venice
  • Venice (Venecia)

    Loved the city of Venice.

    Well worth a visit. The water buses run directly from the airport and back. You can pay on the water bus €15 each way. The city is full of amazing sites. Well worth visiting.

  • Mestre (Venecia)

    A good option if you don't want to pay a high price in the historical part of Venice. Well-connected to Venice by rail and public transport (10-15 min). Trains run every 5 min during busyness hours. There are good restaurants and bars in the center of Mestre.

  • Venice (Venecia)


    The trip to Venice was perfect in every way, especially during the island tours where there were fewer crowds and we could enjoy the sea view, fresh seafood, and the freedom of traveling. Buying a one-day boat ticket was definitely worth it.

    Venice Venice
  • Venezia (Venecia)

    Beautiful city. I will definitely return there!

    Venezia Venezia
  • Venice (Venecia)

    Venice is a wonderful city with its many beautiful islands. It is unique, and its beauty is not comparable to any other city, country, or place! Special places to visit are St. Marco square, Ducale Palace, bridge of sighs, Lido island, Rialto bridge, Santa Croce area, anywhere in the centre, everything is unique and beautiful. A bit crowded as it is touristy, but a must-visit. Try their famous cicchetti! The Venetian tapas! Visit the islands of Lido and Murano. And of course enjoy the beautiful hotels overlooking the canal!l

    Venice Venice Venice Venice
  • Quarto d'Altino (Venecia)

    The town is small and very cozy. Perfect place if you want to have a relaxing walk by the river. Bars and restaurants have great service. Train station is accessible and you can travel wherever you want. If you want to have fun and dance, there is a place with Cuban music.

  • Mestre (Venecia)

    Lovely town

    Lovely town to getting around Venice and airport which has lots of different cuisine restaurants.

  • Venecia (Venecia)


    Preciosa ciudad, imprescindible visitar al menos una vez en la vida. En agosto hace mucho calor que es más soportable a partir de las 7 de la tarde.

  • Venice (Venecia)

    Worth the visit for sure.

    Although the boat rides are overpriced, it's still nice to walk around this town and see many of its sights, small streets and canals

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