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  • Legnaro (Padua)

    Places to visit near Legnaro

    I was at Legnaro to visit the Department of Comparative Biomedicine and Food Sciences at Campus Agripolis, University of Padova. The campus and its surroundings are beautiful. You can also visit Padova city whcih is about 25 km and there visit the Medical Museum (which has an excellenmt axhibit of how meical sciences has progressed sionce 1500s to now), Botanical garden and take a tour of Univeristy of Padova.U Padova has a rich history and has preserved the original buildings and classromms of the 1500s. The Anatomical theater the most ancient of its kind and the podium where Galileo once taught are sights worth seeing.

  • Padova (Padua)

    Padova is a lovely city, great cafés and shops.

  • Abano Terme (Padua)

    Quiet peaceful place

  • Padova (Padua)

    excellent hotel excellent location great value

    charming town lots to see

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