Torino lies in the heart of Italy, delicately perched on the banks of the lifeblood of the country, the River Po. With the magnificent scenery of the mountainous Alps forming the backdrop to this Baroque period city, there is a great deal to be seen and to be done in this charming and beautiful cousin of the more famous and arguably more uptight Milan. Torino is home to some of the most remarkable historical artifacts and museums in the world, most famous of course for the religious artifact, the Turin Shroud. Whether looking for a cultural gem of a city, or for a fashionable, cosmopolitan heart of the sensational Italian travel scene, Torino has a something to please every tourist and visitor that comes its way.

Find hotels in Torino to suit you and your family

When seeking accommodation in Torino, whether it be a hotel, hostel, apartment, or an all-inclusive resort, it is important to be aware of the prices and the value which are on offer in each case. Torino's scenery is not to be missed, so choosing a hotel with a view is often top priority for tourists. However, those on a budget, or looking for a more rustic holiday experience, will do well to seek a self-centered apartment. An apartment will typically cost less than a hotel could, and so it is always worth shopping around for the best deal given any budget or requirements for the trip. For those with a larger budget it will be worth looking in the centre of Torino for a hotel which comes with amenities such as a spa, or excellent cuisine.

Regardless of budget, be sure to catch the best of what Torino has to offer during any holiday to this spectacular city. The easiest way to guarantee this is to research carefully the amenities and the benefits of any one accommodation choice over another, and be sure that the expectations and hopes of those travelling will be met be whichever hotel, apartment or hostel which is ultimately chosen. Also be sure to check the transport connectivity and options surrounding each various hotel and apartment in order to ensure ease of transport during the holiday and to maximise pleasure and relaxation.