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  • Sorrento (Napoles)

    Perfect hotel at perfect city

    Sorrento is wonderful, every hour: the morning is for a fine dining breakfast at Isabella hotel then, you should visit one of the wonderful beaches. I prefer Marinella beach. They have a free lift to sea level, and cheap prices for umbrella and sun chairs. In the afternoon, you should rest at the hotel, and then go find some good quality but not-touristic restaurants at the Sorento, and find your best location for sunset. After sunset is the best time for ice-cream! After the ice cream, you can choose: dance or sleep. Both are good choices! Play that kind of day for a few days, and you will live a few more years on earth. Good luck! Matan Ahavti

  • Sorrento (Napoles)

    Sorrento is everything you expect it to be. Beautiful, historic and picturesque. What we didn't expect was the price of goods, they were very expensive. Food and drink was average price for Italy, but we certainly didn't buy any gifts. We took a boat over to the Isle of Capri and then onto the stair lift for the most amazing view. We will be back, as we all loved Italy.

  • Sorrento (Napoles)

    Sorrento is a fantastic location if you are looking for a base to explore the Amalfi Coast. The other nearby destinations of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello are a must to visit but are very crowded with tourists and so it was lovely to come back to Sorrento after a day exploring. There are an abundance of restaurants, too many to name, as so many were delicious. We rented a scooter and drove the coastline which was a bucket list experience, although roads are very narrow and drivers are fast, so you need to be very careful. We also went into Maria Grande, the older part of Sorrento with fewer tourists, and hired paddle boards from Sorrento SUP, a really friendly company that also offered guided tours. Of course, a day trip to Capri is a must when visiting the Amalfi Coast. We did an organised tour, which we felt was the best way to see as much as possible in just one day.

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