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  • Naples (Napoles)

    Good proximity to metro where you can go around the city and also to the beach. Mergelina is a beautiful area along the sea front where there are restaurants and bars with a great view of the sea. Fuorigrotta had some good shops, bars and restaurants. It also has a great market every day.

  • Napoli (Napoles)

    Worth visiting but not for long

    Napoli itself has some good sights, but you can quickly get tired from the poor air and rubbish everywhere. You'll see quite a few shady characters as well.

  • Naples (Napoles)

    Small cafes on the street serving Aperol spritz was very romantic and enjoyed a lot with my wife. the pizza at L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele and Gino e Toto Sorbillo was a great experience of real Napolitana Pizzas. Both are Michelin star restaurant's and serve amazing pizzas. We tried antona and antonio on corniche and ordered fish. It was a bad experience there.

  • Napoles (Napoles)

    Lovely city. Very authentic. The food is amazing !

  • Naples (Napoles)

    Great city. Nice people. Nice flood!!!!

    Everything Great. I often Come to Napoli

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