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  • Carlow (County) (Leinster)

    Pleasant, quiet and friendly.

  • Kilkenny (County) (Leinster)

    Interesting town to visit with monuments, museums, cafes and shopping.

    This is a lovely town to visit, with small and interesting streets. We visited during Kilkenny Arts Festival and enjoyed a number of performances and exhibitions. The cultural spaces in older buildings are excellent. Kilkenny Castle in the town centre is a focal point, and has lovely riverside gardens to walk in. There are cafes and bars throughout the town in different styles from traditional Irish to modern. We saw the mediaeval buildings on the street from the outside only but it is nice to see them incorporated in the town. There are lovely shop fronts from different eras and good public spaces. There was a food market near the castle where we had a lovely lunch. Dinner was excellent in Zuni.

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