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The Greek island of Santorini is a marvellous destination for travellers and holiday makers of all kinds. The resort areas of this beautiful destination can readily display all of the hospitality that Greece is so famous for. A hotel stay here can bring a wonderful amount of relaxation, colour and local flair. Many of the hotels make use of resplendent beach side areas and offer easy access to the clean azure waters of the Aegean Sea. Key features of the island's many premium quality hotels are the friendly and accommodating nature of the staff and owners. Added to this is a level of convenience and dedication that can provide all travelling groups with a relaxing and peaceful stay. Indeed, the renting of a hotel room in Santorini can bring with it an element of refined luxury. Like many areas in Greece, a hotel in Santorini can offer quality levels of care and provision. Along with the marvellous cuisine that the island is famed for, hotel staff can also be a source of information for the busy tourist to Greece.

Santorini, also known as Thira, is part of the Cycladic Islands. This fascinating part of Greece is famed for its deeply rooted historical and architectural features. Beneath the ever-present gorgeous sunshine, there are many cultural sights. One of the essential ones for travellers to Santorini intrigued by the island's ancient past is the town of Akrotiri, in the south. This 3500 year old Minoan settlement has been preserved by volcanic ash and can be visited all year round. The incredibly well preserved remains can present travellers with something of an insight into an ancient civilisation. The Museum of Ancient Thera in the nearby town of Fira has collected and compiled many of the artefacts unearthed from Akrotiri. Presented in a clear and engaging manner, the museum marks another essential for those fascinated with the ancient civilisation. The more recent architecture of Greece holds a further interest, with the famous white walls and blue roofs marking Santorini out as being immersed in a wider culture of colour, beauty and life.

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  • Imerovigli (Santorini)

    Imerovigli - the best of Santorini caldera view without the crowds

    Imerovigli and its vicinity is said to be the best spot to experience the caldera views and the Santorini sunset which can be enjoyed both at the same time - a feature not to be granted in some parts of west Santorini like Oia, which not always guarantees the sunset experience. Virtually everything here as a view, even the local supermarket! Here, in Imerovigli, the sunset opens up in front of your eyes in full swing, in a truly private atmosphere, without the crowds around, without the selfie hustle and bustle, without shouts or giggling. Most tourists cling to Thira or Oia and gather there to enjoy the views, leaving Imerovigli for those who prefer more quite spots and more space to enjoy both the caldera view and the sunset. The village sits on a scenic walking path from Thira and Oia. Just take this walk at your own pace to experence all the colors, scents and views of Santorini at its best. Lovely blue-domed churches, local fruit sellers, and lots of opportunities to enjoy both the west view of the Caldera and the east view of the open sea are there for you to explore. Walk the rocky path, feel the wind in your hair and take a shady stop on the way, just to try the local cactus fruit from a vendor - it will never taste better!

    Imerovigli Imerovigli Imerovigli Imerovigli
  • Oia (Santorini)

    I definitely recommend renting a vehicle in Santorini. It seems they had a pretty decent bus schedule, but we liked having the flexibility to come and go as we wanted with our own rental. 'Hotel Best' was in the perfect location for our family. It was a 2-minute walk to the beautiful black sand beach, restaurants, and shopping. Drive to the 'Light House' was about a 25-minute drive.....amazing views from the Light House. Made a day of driving to the Oia and the blue roof area. Spent our day walking around the shops in Oia and eating the delicious food. Spent another day in the town of Fira. Wonderful, friendly people everywhere. Again, 'Hotel Best' is a great place to make your 'home base' in Santorini. The price is right, and the location is perfect. The decor is a little dated but after a long day of sightseeing and hiking up all those hills the beds are comfy, cozy. Thank you Hotel Best for making our first trip to Greece a wonderful experience and amazing family memories. Fred Chandler, Arizona USA

  • Akrotiri (Santorini)

    Santorini is a very small island, but from southwest Akrotiri through Fira up to Oia, it is one sight after the other. Great place for excellent photography

  • Kamari (Santorini)

    Typical summer village

    For people that want to swim , enjoy beach and pay a bit less for accommodation then in Thira

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