As the largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes has been a popular tourist destination ever since air travel became viable. As one might expect, the quality of hotels in Rhodes and the facilities they offer is of a consistently high standard, so visitors will be greeted with a warm welcome at check in. During the Summer school holidays, this is a popular resort with British families and Greece has never been more affordable. Daytime peak temperatures in August are around 30 degrees so, for sun worshippers, the islands of Greece offer a perfect holiday resort.

There is plenty to see and do on Rhodes for sporty visitors but the golden sandy beaches are rightly the focus for many. If you book into a resort hotel in the city of Rhodes itself, you can anticipate an all-inclusive holiday experience with pool, entertainment, plentiful food and attentive service. Younger groups of travellers will enjoy the night life of Faliraki while more mature visitors might opt for the relative peacefulness of Pefkos. Every visitor should set aside time to visit the stunning

mediaeval city of Rhodes which has architectural and religious significance as well as being an opportunity to turn back the clock. For those wanting to 'zone out' completely, the Kalithea Springs offer supreme tranquillity.

When heading inland, you will find Rhodes to be a mountainous island with large swathes of pine forest, making it a very attractive terrain for cyclists, hikers and amateur artists. From the foyer of your hotel, you will be able to learn about guided tours and the availability of bike rentals for the day. The typical hotel in Greece is rather functional but amongst the resorts on Rhodes, holidaymakers will find a good choice to suit all budgets and requirements

The people of Greece have taken a bit of a battering recently with the financial crisis, but visitors will find the locals here to be a happy bunch who are welcoming to overseas guests. English is not widely spoken outside of the tourist centre, so a phrasebook or translation app would be handy if you intend to explore the island.