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What to see or do in and around Bavaria

  • Munich (Baviera)

    Very relaxed city and the transportation is well designed. We felt very safe there

  • Munich (Baviera)

    Worth a visit if money is not an issue

    Munich is a beautiful city with many sights, fine public transportations and too much beer. I would recommend a visit.

  • Munich (Baviera)

    Munich a vibrant city with the warmth of your local town

    Munich is an excellent place to visit if you like the treats of a large city with the atmosphere of your local town. Getting around on a bicycle or electric step and visit the markets, museums and the variety of craftsmans watchmakers shops. A variety of restaurants is available and you get very good value for your money. If I could choose a city to live in, Munich would certainly be on my list.

  • Munich (Baviera)

    Capital for Short Stay

    I've stayed in Munich for 4 days, I found Munich to be mainly for tourists interested in Museums and history, if you're not a big fan of that, you'll be probably be stuck with the very crowded Marienplatz and the English Garden. I wasn't really sure how to spend my time there, as there didn't seem to be more places to visit

    Munich Munich Munich
  • Nuremberg (Baviera)

    Walled old town

    I recommend that you get the old town map from tourist info, then just follow off the numbered sites from there. And dont be afraid to get lost. You have the towers as landmarks anyway. You can always find something interesting along the way. You have to go up the Castle and you have the spectacular view of the old town rooftops in the courtyard. Walk around the castle grounds to the gardens and then find your way to the Kettensteg ( its under construction, but you can walk around it to the other side. Its a beautiful walkway. The main square where cathedral and fountain were currently busy while we were there due to a Red Bull mountain biking championship at the time we were there. Didnt appreciate much of the square. We did do outside activities too, like a day trip to Regensburg. Nuremberg is busier than the small villages we visited in Bavaria. But its something to see.

    Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg Nuremberg
  • Hohenschwangau (Baviera)

    Go for the lake!

    The castles of course were the goals of our visit. And it's obviously a must-see. The only disappointment was that the tours are expedited in a 30-min rush. They want 1 million tourists a day: well, the resulting feeling is that of an item put on an assembly line. No real time to enjoy each of the rooms, only 1/4 of the castle visited and 30 min later you're out of the castle... The best way to visit the castles is probably to apply as a historian to be allowed to visit the castle in its entirety and with enough time to study and understand the millions of details. But the Alpsee (the lake) nearby is as worth visiting as the castles. We recommend the tour of the lake (just under 2 hours) as a perfect way to enjoy the place. It is so peaceful, so magnificent, with mountains reflecting in the turquoise waters of the lake... Whether it is under the sun or under the rain, with a bright blue sky or a foggy atmosphere, this lake is a pure jewel!

  • Munich (Baviera)

    Nice but cold

    Very nice city. Clean, organized. People are nice.

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