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Paris as seen from the Seine

Even if you’ve never been to Paris, what is for sure is that you’ll have seen hundreds of pictures and images of the river Seine passing through the city –not to mention the thousands of pages written to describe it. In fact there is such a strong connection between the river and the city that, if the former didn’t exist, the latter would be very different to what it is… if it existed at all.

The fact is that the Seine is much more than a flow of water. To start with, the city is reflected in the river and its inhabitants consider it as another element in their daily lives, which they walk

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  • Paris (París)

    Week-end trip

    Good city for well-planned week-end trip in accessible location not too far from the city center or major travel hub (Chatelet, Gare du Nord etc).But beware if you are travelling with small children - public transport is a challenge - old metro lines are not accessible for the pushchair and travelling with baby carrier it's also a challenge if you need to get through the metro bars. You have then to travel mainly by bus which adds to most destinations 50% of the travelling time.

  • Paris (París)

    Love Paris

    We love Paris️

  • Paris (París)

    Paris is a city that everyone needs to visit at least once in their lives. Lots of monuments, museums and parks to discover.

  • Paris (París)

    Nice Parisian Vibes, perfect for a weekend trip.

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