There are many valid reasons to travel for a holiday or short break in Copenhagen and, unless you have friends or relatives living there, you will be keen to find a suitable hotel room before you touch down in the historic Danish capital. Top end hotels in Copenhagen are noted for their minimalist style but there are also rooms in Copenhagen which would suit those who are on a tighter budget and family rooms are widely available for those who will be travelling with the children. Maybe the purpose of your visit is to see Rembrandts and Picassos at Denmark's National Gallery or perhaps you are lucky enough to have a table reservation at "the world's best restaurant" Noma; either way a comfortable hotel in Copenhagen is a must to rest your head during your cultural city break.

English is widely spoken in Copenhagen and all hotel staff here will be fluent, the transport infrastructure also ranks well amongst European capitals, taxis are expensive here but cycles can be hired for a modest fee. Ask the concierge desk at your hotel for details if you would like to hire a vehicle during your stay in Copenhagen. The people of Denmark are very liberal and, despite the mild climate, it is not uncommon to see women sunbathing topless in the public parks during their lunch break.

The city of Copenhagen (København in the local language) is modern and thriving and this is reflected in the city's hotels. Frequent travellers will find hotels in Copenhagen to be much smarter than those in Spain or Italy and similar in stature to larger North American cities or Gulf states. When staying in a typical Copenhagen hotel, visitors can expect a very formal and crisp service. Tipping is voluntary but do not be offended if your waiter or chambermaid refuses a gratuity, service personnel in the hotels of Denmark are paid well and the national identity is very reserved when it comes to financial matters. No trip to Copenhagen would be complete without posing for a photograph with the city's unofficial mascot; Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid.