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Prague is the famous capital of the Czech Republic and is a city which offers a unique experience for any guest on holiday here. With a fine blend of architecture and history, this city will have you stunned momentarily after arriving. Charles Bridge, built with a Romanesque style, is the perfect place to stroll with loved ones and take in the sounds, provided by the numerous buskers and musicians who come here to perform. Keep your wits about you though as pickpockets also congregate here during busy periods. One of the most important landmarks here is Prague Castle. Built in the 9th century, this mansion once housed some of Bohemia's most famous kings and is now home to the Czech president.

It is easy to find a hotel or apartment in this city as there are many to choose from. If you are looking for accommodation on a budget, rooms at the Hotel Inos can be rented for as little as €30 a night and come with balcony and large bedrooms. It is within close range of amenities and there is a bakery and cheese shop on the same street. More luxurious accommodation includes the Alchymist Nosticova Palace, a hotel providing amazing views and exceptional service from staff. Laced with a gothic decor, gold furnishings and red velvet, this hotel is fit for a king. An apartment is easy to find here, there are many in the Old Town as well as in the more modern areas. An apartment can be rented here for as little as €90 a week and many of them offer immediate access to the city's amenities.

Renting a hotel room or apartment in the city guarantees to be a rewarding experience at any time of year. Childrens cookery course are available in Chefparade all year round as well as Thai cooking classes, and Banco Casino hold Texas Holdem tournaments every day. June is host to the Monarchy Exhibition and the Prague Proms. During the winter holidays, visitors here can also marvel at the Electric Light and Symphonic Orchestra.

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  • Prague (Praga)


    Prague is a very beautiful city, especially the center, Karls Bridge and small streets in the Old Town. I advise you to move around the city by taxi or Bolt. It's not expensive at all!

  • Praga (Praga)

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    Rossz id esetén a múzeumok látogatása ajánlott.Nagyon jó a nemzeti múzeum 4-5 órás programm.Szórakozásra pl. Madam Tussaud múzeum,csokoládé múzeum vagy csak séta az óvárosban.

  • Prague (Praga)

    I have never been in Prague, but it was super worth while. It is as you travel back in time. True eye candy are these beautiful historical buildings, the only dissonant were the modern ugly buildings of H&M, ZARA C&A between the historical buildings of 17 and 18 century. I hope that international investors wont get permission to destoy more ancient buildings in order to place these horrid new buildings.

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