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The charming Principality of Andorra lies in the Pyrenees between France and Spain. The 2,740 foot high Mt. Casamanya is in the country's geographical centre, and nestling at the foot of this mountain is the delightful and picturesque town of Ordino. Andorra's economy is based largely on tourism and the people are very friendly and welcoming. Ordino has easy access to the ski slopes and resorts which are a major attraction of the area. Nature lovers will also find much of interest in the nearby Valle de Sorteny National Park, where the focus is on the natural heritage of this region of the Pyrenees.

There are a number of apartment hotels in Ordino and the valley in which it is located. Within the town itself the Hotel Rural Santa Barbara de la Vall d'Ordino can be found. Charmingly rustic in appearance and close to the local attractions and amenities, an apartment here will give the visitor access to the indoor pool and bar and lounge. La Cabana Hotel is a delightful 3 star which was purposely built to cater for family ski breaks and is just two kilometres from the pistes. A pet friendly apartment in the Hotel Boston may be more to your taste. It also boasts a sauna. Your apartment at the Hotel Bringue will command wonderful views of the mountains close to the Arcalis ski resort and will afford you easy access to the ski shuttle.

Ordino has a delightful postal museum showcasing the entire Andorra philatelic collection dating back to 1928. The Badge Museum, with 42,000 specimens, is the only one of its kind in the world. The Iron Route explains the history of what was once the chief industry of Andorra, mining. Ordino is also the home of the permanent museum of the world's finest microminiature artist, Nicolai Siadristy, whose works can only be contemplated by microscope. The Nature Interpretation Centre is an interactive exhibition and environmental education workshop, and you are invited to hike the Ordino valley with a knowledgeable guide. Then why not enjoy a music concert at Andorra's National Auditory?

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