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Istanbul, where east meets west, is a wonderful city to visit and with more great hotels in Istanbul than ever before, you're certain to find the one that's perfect for you. There's so much to do in Istanbul - why not take the Bosphorus ferry for a great view of one of the world's busiest waterways? You'll see numerous yalis or fabulous residences, mosques and palaces as well as riverside parks where you can hop off. The Haghia Sofia is one of Istanbul's most iconic buildings and the exquisite mosaics and domed chambers are breathtaking. The Galata tower was built in 1348 and restored in the 1960's. Ignore the awful nightclub and restaurant and head right to the viewing platform for spectacular views over the city. Whatever appeals to you, from fine dining, great nightlife and excellent shopping and accommodation, you'll be sure to find it in Istanbul, and with the right apartment or hotel you'll have a memorable break.

The Istanbul Four Seasons hotel is located in an old prison building. However there's nothing austere or punitive about this hotel, apart from possibly the rates. If you can afford the very best, it's the height of 5 star luxury in the heart of the Old city. The A'Jia is a chic and modern boutique hotel that is aimed at those looking for a great mid priced option, while the Richmond Hotel enjoys a superb location on Istiklal Caddesi, one of the city's premier shopping and nightlife streets. Perhaps an apartment break is what you had in mind. Choosing an apartment in Istanbul allows you lots of scope and you can rent your dream apartment from the owners or through an online apartment rental site. If you're on a more limited budget, try the Devman Hotel, which though cheap is well run and clean and just happens to be on one of the most trendy streets in the city.

From the perfect apartment, to the 5 star glamour of some of the top hotels in Istanbul, to the cheap but charming budget rate hotel which is a real find - Istanbul has it all.

What to see or do in and around Istanbul

  • Istanbul (Estambul)

    Istanbul, where two continents meet beautifully. The city offers a lifetime experience for travelers

    Istanbul is the one the grand city of Europe, where two continents meets, you would be elated to see how beautifully modern and traditional coexist in this city. If offers breathtaking views of this mighty city across the Bosporus. This city is a beautiful amalgamation of Islamic, modern and traditional cultures. The people are extremely friendly and hospitable, the food is great and the desserts are to die for. The best way to explore is by foot or by ferry, there's so much history this city has to offer. The evening walks by the sea is so romantic, you can see the city lights and its reflection in the sea. There are museums, art galleries, historical churches, mosques, grand bazaar, sea, hills, great food. Do visit Istanbul to get this unforgettable experience the city has to offer.

  • Istanbul (Estambul)

    Very interesting place with a lot of sites to see.

    I felt welcome all places I went and its a very good place to do your shopping. Its alfordabe whatever you go in to the bazar or chose to go in the real brand shops. Food and coffees works very well, I did try everything from small local restaurants to more fancy ones in the top shopping center at Zorlu.

  • Istanbul (Estambul)

    One of my favorite cities.

    I’ve been in Istanbul maybe 20 times, fully of history and culture and a lot to see, discover and read, book a hotel in center and start your journey, you won’t regret the experience, the food, the hospitality and the beauty of the city.

  • Istanbul (Estambul)

    Great monuments

    Great variety of places to visit. Agia Sofia, Blue mosque, Cinstern, ciragan palace, dolma bahtse palace, big bazaar (kapali carisi), spice bazaar, all other bazaars, unumerable eating corners, fresh juice corners. Polite people. Unstoppable bargaining. Lot of traffic jam.

  • Istanbul (Estambul)

    Love Istanbul.

    Our favorite city. Loved it.

  • Istanbul (Estambul)

    Don't miss Istanbul from a boat.

    The most interesting thing for me about istanbul was the trip with a cruise. View of the city and the sea from water is amazing do not miss it, when you go there!

  • Istanbul (Estambul)

    Restaurant the baklava is amazing.

  • Istanbul (Estambul)

    Good city, beauty of nature and tasty food.

    Visited all historical places, bazars and luxurious terraces. 4 nights stay worth it !

  • Istanbul (Estambul)

    Istanbul one of the best city to visit.

  • Istanbul (Estambul)

    Istanbul is very beautiful place to visit.

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