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  • Side (Antalya)

    Very warm sea with an old town

    In Side, the water is very warm, the beach is sandy. I loved swimming in it. You can visit the old town and there are still archeological excavations. There are a lot of boutiques along the streets with fake branded clothes. You also have water sport activities, like paragliding.

  • Side (Antalya)

    Side, the most important port city of Pamphylia in ancient times

    There are many historical buildings in Side that will impress you from the entrance of the city. Ancient theatre, fountains, waterway, hospital, columnar streets, baths, temples are only part of them. In the Side Museum, which is located in an ancient bath building (Agora Bath), most of which were excavated in the city; Artefacts from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods are exhibited.

  • Side (Antalya)

    Perfect beaches

    Perfect holiday location, perfect beaches, perfect weather. Good public transport around the town using local dolmus. It attracts a very good standard of tourists. Prices have recently risen at an alarming rate in Turkey and Side has adopted this as expected, but I suppose you get what you pay for. Old Town is an amazing place to visit, especially if staying within walking distance.

  • Side (Antalya)

    The hotel is located on a beautiful promenade very close to the ancient city. Therefore, there is a great opportunity to walk along the sea every evening, breathe the sea air and admire the beauty of ancient buildings.

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