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  • Singapur (Singapur)

    Loved this modern city!

    Singapore, a dynamic city-state in Southeast Asia, harmoniously merges tradition with modernity. In its compact 700 square kilometers, this island nation showcases a remarkable blend of cultural diversity and economic success. The cityscape boasts iconic landmarks like Marina Bay Sands, embodying Singapore's journey from a fishing village to a global financial hub. Amidst the futuristic skyline, neighborhoods like Chinatown and Little India preserve cultural roots, creating a vibrant tapestry of traditions. Culinary delights define Singapore's cultural mosaic, with hawker centers offering a fusion of flavors. Hainanese chicken rice, laksa, and chili crab. Food is more than sustenance; it's a social bond that reflects the nation's multicultural fabric. Singapore's commitment to green initiatives and urban planning is evident in lush parks seamlessly integrated into the urban landscape. The Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO site, underscores the nation's dedication to preserving its natural heritage. The success narrative extends beyond aesthetics; efficient governance and strategic economic policies have transformed Singapore into a global hub for finance, trade, and technology. Education and innovation play pivotal roles, with top-ranking universities and a thriving ecosystem for startups. Despite success, Singapore faces challenges like income inequality and an aging population. The government's proactive approach underscores its commitment to building a sustainable city!

    Singapur Singapur Singapur Singapur
  • Singapur (Singapur)

    Singapore - when legacy touches luxury

    First time visiting, and we were taken aback by its dynamics and canons. Green, clean and diverse, the country is an absolute must-visit when in Southeastern Asia. It will surprise you in so many ways: Singapores economic miracle of transformation from developing country to a high-income developed country took place relatively recently, in 1960s National language of Singapore is Malay (not English!) Chewing gums are banned here. Singapore changed time zones 8 times in the past century. For day-to-day you can try the Singaporean cuisine at its best at the Hawker centres across the street - must try chilli crab and griller skewers meat For fine dining, the go-to restaurant is Ibid restaurant - Tasting menu restaurant by MasterChef Asia winner @woowaileong. Amazing menu with wine paring. Totally worth the experience. Throughout the dinner (dont miss out a sit at the counter) we had the chance to talk and observe the chef Woo. That made this experience even better. Totally different from all other fine dining I have been. We could appreciate all the small details and techniques.

    Singapur Singapur Singapur Singapur

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