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Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the United States and one of the most casino-dense cities in the world. The Paleo-Indians had settlements here around 10,000 years ago and lived as Nomads. The first modern man of European ancestry to set foot here was a scout named Rafael Rivera in 1829, he gave the city its name which is Spanish for 'the meadows'. By the early 20th century, Vegas was established as a railroad town and gambling was legalised here in March 1931. Attractions in this vibrant city include the Adventuredome theme park, Shark Reef and the Las Vegas Art Museum. Tourists are attracted here mainly because of the exciting lifestyle and casino gambling, however sights like the springs are also very popular.

Hotels in Las Vegas

It is easy to find a hotel or apartment in this exciting resort, as Las Vegas thrives from tourism. Whether you are looking for a hotel or apartment for an overnight stay or something more long term in this fantastic resort, there is something to suit all budgets. The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino offers guests everything they will need to enjoy a gambling holiday here, exceptional staff and splendid views of the strip. An apartment in this city will provide you with every self catering facility you will need to enjoy this resort. They are situated minutes from the casino's and can be rented for very little.

Although New York is renowned as the city that never sleeps, this title would be perfectly applicable to Las Vegas too. Concerts and events are held in this fabulous city throughout the year. David Copperfield performs his feats of magic at the MGM Grande between the months of June and September, usually for under 100 dollars a ticket. Also between the months of June and July, Celine Dion can be seen performing at the Colosseum from 7.30 onward. Within range of your hotel or apartment, many shows in this city offer two for one deals so do not miss out.

What to see or do in and around Las Vegas

  • Las Vegas (Clark)

    Try Hell's Kitchen and Watch Bellagio Fountain

    Go watch the Bellagio fountain, and eat at Hell's Kitchen if you can. Both were wonderful.

  • Las Vegas (Clark)

    Amazing city

    Vegas is everything you would expect from the movies and more. It needs to be seen to be believed. Its a complete sensory overload in the best way possible!

  • Las Vegas (Clark)


    City had great shows and entertainment

  • Las Vegas (Clark)

    The weather is so nice. And the casino and shopping area is really awesome.

  • Las Vegas (Clark)

    Evel pie has an amazing brunch pizza. Fat Tuesday has an amazing frozen cocktail menu and sizes of drinks. The steakhouse right next to the pool area has a delectable steak and shrimp meal and sweet baked potato (don't recall name).

  • Las Vegas (Clark)

    Well its Vegas. I do not even know what to write about it. I think the best way would be to watch Hangover 1 and 3. So just take a deep deep deep look in what happens there and you will see how rich people feel the city. So you will be the guy behind Bradley Cooper taking a look at them and walking back to a smaller hotel with a smaller room with your kids and wife and cry yourself to sleep. I mean at least this is what I did

  • Las Vegas (Clark)

    vegas trip

    Great place for all sorts of activities. From food to gambling, clubs, shows, and retail shopping.

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