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As one of the most picturesque locations in all of North America, Aspen and the Pitkin County in Colorado is a popular resort for visitors from every corner of the globe. Most famous for winter sports amongst the famous Rocky Mountains, the city itself has all the conveniences a holidaymaker could want and lots more besides. When booking hotels in Aspen, visitors have plenty of choice from chalet style lodges to luxury honeymoon suites.

Skiing in Aspen is big business and (depending on snow conditions) the season lasts between late November and mid April. In contrast to some of the stuffy ski resorts in Europe, snowboarders are positively welcomed to the Rocky Mountains and there are good facilities for trick boarding as well as coaching schools for novice riders. Many hotels will offer snow packages at reception; details of what is on offer will be available to pick up from your hotel foyer. Aspen, Colorado is popular with all nationalities but Brits and Germans are amongst the most frequent visitors, even during the Summer months there is plenty going on here from music recitals and opera at the Harris Concert Hall to more familiar sporting events in the rugged scenery. If you have travelled all the way to Colorado, it is certainly worth taking a trip ten miles south of Aspen to discover a genuine 'ghost town' at Ashcroft; this was a mining village during the boom but empty buildings now stand on Main Street as a relic to the prospecting age.

When booking your holiday or short break in the Rocky Mountains resort, you will not be surprised to learn that many of the pistes can be quite busy, however, canny folk can seek out some of the less well-known resorts where conditions and facilities are just as good but you will find more room on the mountain. These can be researched from your hotel since, despite the remote location in Colorado, wifi access is perfectly reliable. People don't end up in the Rocky Mountains by mistake, the city of Aspen rightly has a reputation for cosy hotels, good hospitality, fine conditions and a great deal of fun.