Surrounded by trees and flowers and scarcely a few meters away from the Loma de San Juan Historical and Military Park--scene of the last battles of the 1998 Spanish-Cuban-American War--this hotel mirrors, in architecture and forms, the peculiar Caribbean gracefulness of Santiago de Cuba, also known as the most hospitable and Caribbean of all Cuban cities. The center of this ancient villa, founded in 1514, is four kilometers away from the hotel, so an encounter with its joyful and musical people and a tour of its streets full of history and countless places of interest will only take you a few minutes. The cradle of traditional trova and of many other Cuban music genres, Santiago de Cuba is the land of exquisite rum and of the island's most famous carnivals. That culture of joviality, that gift of good treatment, make the service the most distinguished feature of this hotel, which excels for its comfort and varied provisions.